EDITORIAL: The Possible Identities of "The Other"

EDITORIAL: The Possible Identities of "The Other"

It's not a particularly popular topic, but it is one that could do with some addressing. Little is known of this character, yet he seems to be the most overlooked. Why is he shrouded in so much secrecy? Hit the jump to see who he might be and make your own speculations!

For quite some time now, this character in the MCU has been playing on my mind. Speculation as to his actual identity is something we, as comic book fans, should have the resources and resolve to have figured out by now. That's why I've taken three of the most likely candidates and will now give a brief summary of each of them. You can even vote for who you think is the most likely candidate, or cast another name into the mix. So, we should probably get started. The character the majority believe "The Other" to be is Chthon.

Upon investigation, it would seem Chthon has had a history with the twins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. He placed some of his own essence into Wanda when she was just a baby. This occurrence is what made it possible for the Scarlet Witch to alter reality and create utter chaos. So, it makes sense that he may have a hand in her powers in the MCU. However he has no history with Thanos, or space for that matter. He's a more mystical character and on top of that, he doesn't have six fingers on each hand. But, he does have the best tale to be told with the current shape of things in the MCU. Up next, we have Corvus Glaive.

Recently appearing as a servant to Thanos in Marvel's Infinity arc, Corvus is yet another likely candidate to be under the hood of "The Other". Although Corvus only recently appeared in the comics, he may still be viable as "The Other". He was Thanos's right hand man during the Infinity arc. Once again, however, he does not have six fingers on either hand. Still, he has just as much a chance at being "The Other" as Chthon does from a storytelling standpoint. The third, and in this case final, possibility is a very little known character called Interface.

Interface was involved in the original Guardians of the Galaxy's quest for Cap's shield. Interface was the leader of a villain team called Force. Though it's a fairly crap name, this character has a lot of things pointing towards the possibility of him being "The Other". He has six fingers on each hand, so that's a one-up in terms of physicality. He has never worked with Thanos, but is based in the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe. He possesses the ability to alter the molecular structure of anything, something we didn't really see "The Other" do, but he did move at quite a speed. But something that intrigues me is a very slight and very straw-grabbed thing from the Avengers movie itself. As I mentioned, Interface led a team called Force. At the start of the movie, "The Other" has a line in h=which he says, "Our force, our Chitauri, will follow." I'm not saying he means the team, I'm saying there's a narrow as all hell chance Whedon put that there as a clue.

So, I'm sure those three aren't the only options and I'm sure you've all got theories of your own. Feel free to vote for who you think is most likely, and be sure to leave a comment on your own theories in the usual place.

Y'all take care now, y'hear?

*I made a mistake and said Interface's name was Scanner. Just to note before reading the comments.
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