EDITORIAL: Why Delaying 'The Avengers' Is A Bad Idea For Marvel!

EDITORIAL: Why Delaying 'The Avengers' Is A Bad Idea For Marvel!

Pre production has been delayed weeks already setting a bad trend over at Marvel!

'The Avengers' will lay the ComicBookMovie foundation for years to come, setting a standard to top and also setting a mark to shot for when making any ComicBookMovie!

Like a revolving door, Marvel wants it done on the cheap. For Iron Man 1 Marvel tagged Robert Downey Jr. at almost less then nothing, Sony made Spider-Man 1 at a very low cost only to turn it around and make millions at the box office. Yes, Millions!!

So what is wrong with Marvel? Well, nothing. A successful company does not become successful if they spend all their money on one basket. It makes sense from a business point of view to hire new actors and squeeze out the highest paid actors to stay in budget (Terrence Howard and Edward Norton). Do I agree with it? No. For the fans the continuity I think is an important issue, but the Box Office didn't seem to care. Iron Man 2 re cast the role of Rhodes, dropping an expensive Terrence Howard for a cheap Don Cheadle, and the film did not miss a beat (except for, and this is my only gripe about Iron Man 2, NOT ENOUGH IRON MAN). So why wouldn't fans expect Marvel to do the same with 'The Avengers'?

Because, fans demand quality when it involves a property that they care about!

More from BleedingCool:

'But certain people are saying Marvel are demanding they get it all done on the relative cheap. For something not far off what Sony paid to make their first Spider-Man film (at least in real terms).

Some people say it can't be done. Others say it can be done – even if then, in certain well heeled Los Angeles bars, they assure each other that it can't. And while some people have walked off the project, others are planning a longer game. Basically do the work, then when they run out of budget (which they believe they will) trust that Marvel Studios and their investors will pony up the extra necessary cash rather than leave the movie unfinished.'

If 'The Avengers' ultimately does not get made or delayed for a year because Marvel doesn't want to go over budget and pay their actors and supporting staff then Kevin Feige's skull will probably be on display at the Brooklyn Bridge to be made an example of, like Braveheart.

Marvel will make stupid money off of 'The Avengers', STUPID MONEY (That Means a lot)! So for Marvel to be petty and delay an entire movie (Not just any movie but one that has been anticipated for quite some time, think as significant as Donner's Superman but more important to the CBM industry as a whole) that they have been promoting already for a couple years would be ludicrous and will not happen. This is the time when Marvel needs to put up and pay their actors and get 'The Avengers' made without another major casualty. Edward Norton was the first blow, pre production being delayed is the second, let's hope we wont have to endure any more.
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