FAN ART: Assvengers Assemble

FAN ART: Assvengers Assemble

Somehow Bobbie is able to convince girls to strip naked, allow him to paint on their supple bodies, and then take pictures, afterwhich he gets their permission to post on the Internet. If that isn't a superpower that rivals Professor Xavier's mind control, I don't know what is!

Good evening!
I've got photo shoot that I would like to submit to you called Avengers Assemble.

Hopefully you'll like it!
-Bobby Monnerat

Sitting in my living room staring at my Pink Floyd Back Catalogue poster, I decided that I had to recreate it. I called up some friends, and we decided to recreate it as the Avengers. From the moment we started planning, I became really excited about the shoot. We decided to keep the back art rather simple, and wanted people to easily identify each character. My friends and I are also planning a couple other shoots in this series. Our next shoot in the series is going to be even more amazing than this one. Variant group shots, solo shots of each model, and behind the scenes footage can be seen on my Facebook.

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Body Painters
Christine Facebook
Gary Facebook

Thor: Angel Facebook
Hulk: Toni Facebook
Hawkeye: Amanda Facebook
Black Widow: Callie Facebook
Iron Man: Wish Facebook
Captain America: Hayley Facebook

Post Production: Emdhy Facebook
Hair: Kylie Facebook
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