FAN-MADE Plethora Of MARVEL's PHASE 2 Artwork

FAN-MADE Plethora Of MARVEL's PHASE 2 Artwork

Loosely inspired by Phase Two of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, and films potentially in-development, hit the jump & check out digital fan-made posters & artwork painted, airbrushed and drawn!

In anticipation for the expansion of Marvel Studios' cinematic universe, dubbed Phase two, fans aspiring to be graphic designers, and a few already pros, have submitted a plethora of artwork on DeviantArt and CGHUB.

While a majority are posters, the digital artwork spotlights Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Guardians of the Galaxy villain, and The Avengers sequel among films in development. And organized in that order, with the title and artist listed below each piece, observe the art below!

Iron Man 3 by *Kmadden2004

Iron Man 3 - Poster 2 by ~jphomeentertainment

Thor 2 by ~LifeEndsNow

Thor 2 - The Dark World by ~GrafikInvaders

Malekith the Accursed strikeS an alliance with Loki

Christopher Eccleston as Malekith by ~Aeltri

Thor 2 Comic-Con Promo by ~ScorpionSoldier

Thor 2 Teaser Poster by ~ScorpionSoldier

''Captain America: the winter soldier'' poster by ~AndrewSS7

Love is for Children by ~studiomia

Captain America 2 Poster by ~Cure4

Captain America 2 Teaser Poster by ~ScorpionSoldier

Winter Soldier and Black Widow by ~tomzj1

Captain America 2 Teaser A by ~sahinduezguen

''Captain America 2'' - teaser poster by ~AndrewSS7

The Avengers 2 | Poster Fan-Made by ~DANYVADERDAY

thanos the c-c-c-combo breakeeer! by *nebezial

The Avengers 2 Teaser Poster by ~SamnDon

Ant-Man Movie by ~JPSpitzer

Ant-Man Movie Teasing Wallpaper V2.0 by ~lesajt

Ant-Man by ~BrokenZen

T'challa's all wtf by ~BrokenZen

HAWK TV Teaser by ~ScorpionSoldier

Friend or Foe by ~LNKO

Thanos render test by Bad_Koala

Thanos...again by Bad_Koala

skrull face by Bad_Koala

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