FAN Speculation On Who is "The Other" And What Impact He May Have On The Marvel Cinematic Universe

FAN Speculation On Who is "The Other" And What Impact He May Have On The Marvel Cinematic Universe

FAN Speculation On Who is "The Other" And What Impact  He May Have On The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Why I think the hooded second-in-command of the alien invaders have a more substantial role in later films, and which films, specifically, he'll impact. (MINOR SPOILERS)

This past weekend, Marvel's The Avengers opened Stateside, and raked another heap of cash onto it's already large pile from the worldwide release. Fan reaction was outstanding, and the future is looking brighter than ever for Marvel and for fans such as myself.

Now, in light of recent news, it's a given that not only are Iron Man III, Thor II, and Captain America II on their way, but also The Avengers II, an as-of-yet unrevealed project which has already been filmed, and another unrevealed feature-length theatrical release are down the pipeline.

Some say that this unrevealed feature film must be Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy, or maybe even a Black Panther flick... And while all of these movies would certainly be great, I'm currently inclined to side with those still, who say that Doctor Strange is the next big thing headed our way from Marvel.

Why? Well, that brings us right back to The Avengers, specifically the character known as "the Other".

the Marvel Database Wiki states that the Other, played by Alexis Denisof, is "an envoy between his master and Loki, arranging a vast army of Chitauri for Loki as part of their deal." In the film, he only appears a handful of times, but we do get a few semi-good looks at him. I couldn't scrounge up a picture of him, so I'll rely primarily on description to get my point across.

The Other is a grey-skinned figure in a hood, who has ridges on his face, and an extra thumb on each hand. He also has the ability to communicate with people across dimensions (as seen when he does so with Loki at one point).

Many people have speculated that The Other is Annihilus, but I find this unlikely because of said character's ties to the Fantastic Four. I initially thought that he might be a Skrull, as that's what his facial features reminded me of, but again, Marvel has been rather adamant about keeping the Movie-verse Chitauri separate from the Skrulls. Regardless, I think it much more likely that The Other is Doctor Strange baddie Chthon.

In the comics, Chthon is a prime evil, an elder god, a demon of incredible power. He created a cursed book known as The Darkhold (which tied into many Marvel works, my favorite of which would be Werewolf by Night), and was banished from Earth ages ago. Chthon is usually depicted as a being with grey, ridged skin, wearing a hood. He doesn't have six fingers per hand, but (and this is admittedly a stretch), he's a Marvel Universe demon, and one of the most notable group of demons in the MU is called... you guessed it, The Six-Fingered Hand.

Also, probably the most solid evidence, Chthon was only officially named "Chthon" during his second appearance (which was in a 1979 issue of Avengers). During his first appearance (in an '75 issue of Marvel Chillers), he was simply called "The Other."

So there you have it... My two cents.

He's probably just a generic Chitauri higher-up, but the parallels were interesting enough I figured I'd share.


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