Fancy A Clue As To What The Other 2014 MARVEL Movie Might Be?..

Fancy A Clue As To What The <i>Other</i> 2014 MARVEL Movie Might Be?..

Latino Review's El Mayimbe claims to know what other movie (aside from Captain America 2) Marvel will be bringing us in 2014. He just tweeted the following clue..

BIG CLUE: This unseen Marvel character has been alluded to in the phase one Marvel films! Let speculation begin!

Now first off, it should be noted that the Latino review boys seem to have a great line to the goings on at Marvel, and frequently land big scoops (check out their recent Iron Man 3 coverage) so I'm inclined to believe El Mayimbe does indeed know the title of this movie. But that being said, that isn't really a great clue all the same! Quite a few characters have had "Easter Eggs" dotted around the phase-one Marvel movies. The most prominent, and obvious, ones have probably been Black Panther and Namor however. Panther has already been mentioned as being a potential future movie project by Marvel, but we haven't heard too much (at least officially) regarding Namor. While the above clue opens up a few possibilities, we might be able to rule out a couple of others from it. Although Ant-Man seems a likely candidate with Edgar Wright claiming to be gearing up to direct this year, to my knowledge there hasn't actually been any references to the character (he was originally mentioned in the Thor script but didn't make the cut) in any other Marvel movies - likewise Guardians Of The Galaxy and Dr Strange who have also been mentioned before as possibilities. Also, since we know it will be a previously unseen character, we can rule out any of those Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye solo spin-offs we have been hearing about. Anyway, hopefully we will get a few more clues to help us piece this together, for now sound off on who you think could be making the jump from page to screen in 2014 below.

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