First Reaction To 15 Minutes Of Footage From The Avengers

First Reaction To 15 Minutes Of Footage From <i>The Avengers</i>

Ok, before you click, this really isn't much. You will basically just find out what was made of the footage and some small tid bits of info regarding it. But it is interesting nonetheless..

I have been fortunate enough to have a chat with someone who was VERY fortunate enough to catch 15 minutes of footage from Marvel's The Avengers. Now I wish I could tell you guys all that I was told but contracts were signed, people could get into trouble, all the usual red tape. But here is what I can tell you..

The footage left my friend's jaw on the floor. He/she was shown "animation of un shot battle scenes and saw footage of The Avengers together. no special effects yet." I was told what was shown was pretty spectacular. And I can say just one more thing, The Hulk will play a "key role" in these screened battle scenes.

And that's pretty much it I'm afraid. Toldja it wasn't much. But, I am assured that those privy to the footage were all very impressed indeed. If I manage to come by any more on this(that I can talk about anyway) I will update.


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