gerryg08 Reviews: THE AVENGERS

gerryg08 Reviews: THE AVENGERS

My early review of The Avengers in IMAX 3D.

Move over Hunger Games, The Avengers have Assembled! The Avengers should be the #1 movie of the year! There were so many amazing moments it's hard to be able to put them into words. I walked out of the movie and all I could say was "WOW!". First off there were people in the line who had gotten to the theatre at 3 am MTN time. After Disney handed out the bracelets and started allowing people inside,the intensity from everyone standing there was overwhelming.

The lights went out in the theatre and the intensity of the excitement just blew the roof off. What we saw in the trailers was not even half of the amazement this movie brought to the table. Between the action scenes and the hilarious dialogue, the movie was pulled together perfectly. The Avengers had its serious moments, but even with the seriousness of some of the scenes *including the action ones* there were still laugh out loud moments. Something I noticed that other people left out was the 3D part of the movie.I don't know if those people saw it in 3D but today I did. The 3D made the movie that much better! I recommend that everyone who goes to see it watches it in 3D. It brought you into the movie, very few movies actually do that these days.

Going back to how the trailers only show a fraction of the amazement. You barely see Black Widow or Hawkeye in the trailers, and saying that they wouldn't have made a difference if they were in the movie or not is so untrue. Without any one of the characters the movie wouldn't be what it actually is. Although these two characters aren't as big as Iron Man or The Hulk, they have really great moments that show their strengths. I read somewhere that Marvel Studio executives said that "This movie is not Cinematic enough." well to be honest they obviously don't know what a good movie is supposed to actually look like. Joss Whedon did better than i could have ever imagined.

This was the best movie I've ever seen.Incredible,awe inspiring,and just monumental in both scope and importance.The best action scenes,over the top and surprising. It will surprise you every step of the way.Bottom line its a flat out no holds barred,60mph,beast of a ride. From beginning to end I had a smile on my face.

Thank you Marvel Studios, and thank you Joss Whedon.
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