Possibly confirming what Iron Man 3 action figures and the ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series first hinted at, a new report may have spoiled Marvel’s Phase Two plans. Check it out!

Back in late January, tie-in Iron Man 3 toys first revealed a “Deep Space Suit” that, later, added legitimacy to a report, via Latino Review, which spoiled what the Marvel threequel’s inevitable post-credits teaser will entail. Linking the action thriller to the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, additional details have surfaced possibly revealing a plot element of the latter 2014 space epic.

According to Io9 and other sources, (Spoiler Warning) Tony Stark creates the “Space Suit” especially after the Chitauri attack in The Avengers. “Crafted using a unique new metal alloy that absorbs his ARC Reactor energy signature, Tony travels into the far reaches of space to find the source of a coded SOS he receives at the end of Iron Man 3. The SOS is from a masked Star-Lord, so Tony takes off to find him (noting that, with the space armor, he's “ready this time”). Jarvis asks Tony where he's going and Tony simply replies, “I'll be back.”

After licensed Iron Man 3 toys by Hasbro & Funko revealed a strange Deep Space Suit (of armor?), speculation was bolstered that Marvel plans to have their armored avenger (and most valuable asset) join the interstellar roster of their 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy space epic; akin to the ongoing Marvel NOW! series of the same name. In addition, posted earlier today was a Q&A with Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr. further alluding to the aforementioned idea. And it’s that very interview which has prompted Latino Review to unveil their latest scoop on the subject.

More than likely as early promotional efforts for Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s first non-sequel post-The Avengers, sources of the much-reliable Latino Review have revealed that (spoiler alert): At the end of Iron Man 3, Tony actually does go up into space to hook up with the Guardians of The Galaxy where I also hear he appears at the end of that movie as well.

UPDATE: At the request of Funko reps, we had to remove images of the Deep Space toy.

If true, we now know the gist of two after-credits sequences from Marvel’s Phase Two slate. And considering they will eventually lead up to the hotly-awaited sequel to The Avengers, perhaps this is further confirmation that the Mad Titan Thanos, Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot and Rocket Raccoon, of Guardians of the Galaxy, will all appear in the Joss Whedon-directed follow-up when Earth’s Mightest Heroes reassemble on the big-screen in 2015. What do do you think?

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