Has The Biggest Cameo For The Avengers Just Been Revealed?

Has The Biggest Cameo For The Avengers Just Been Revealed?

As reported earlier today, Jenny Agutter spoke briefly on her involvement in The Avengers. In that interview did she reveal a huge cameo? Hit the jump for the details!

As DCMarvelFreshman posted earlier, Jenny Agutter is a "council member" in the new Avengers movie. She stated she hadn't seen a script until she arrived on set. She also said that she saw a parking lot full of Winnebagos, one housing Spider-Man and the other Iron Man.

Spider-Man she says? Spider-Man as in owned by Sony while The Avengers by Marvel Studios on the same lot? Could this be the biggest cameo for a Marvel movie to date given away in an offhanded comment about Jenny Agutter's involvement? Spider-Man may have a cameo, or at least be alluded to setting him in the Marvel Universe.

It is possible that the a mistake was made by the Radio Times or someone misspoke, but that out of all the heroes that would probably be wondering around while Ms. Agutter was there she chose Iron Man and Spider-Man seems odd. She claims to have seen the trailers, which more than likely were marked on the door.

For a while at least, the Wolverine cameo in First Class was a secret but could this cameo be revealed already?

To add fuel to the fire, in November it was reported that Disney would be involved with the merchandising on Spider-Man while Sony would keep the film rights. Showing cooperation on this issue could further a Marvel U and Sony Spider-Man relationship. While it seems unlikely that there is a cross studio cameo allowing the web-head to live in the Marvel U, for now at least we have to take the article for what it is. The article as run in the Radio Times can be seen below courtesy of Bleeding Cool:

What do you think? Let the speculation begin, sound off below!
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