Why Hero vs Hero movies could, and should, be a big part of the MCU going forward.

With Captain America: Civil War coming to theaters very soon fans everywhere are excited to see their favourite heroes go head to head, and if Civil War is recieved well it is very likely we shall see more such films in the future. At the end of phase 3 Marvel will need to find a villain to top Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet going into Phase 4, but can they? With Fox holding the rights to Dr Doom, Galactus, Kang the Conqueror, Apocalypse and the Skrull empire Marvel is almost out of iconic villains. One villain who could be a universal threat is the Faltine lord Dormammu but he is not the most well known character and being a fiery demon, might not be the most family friendly choice, who then, could be the villain of Phase 4? Depending on how Civil War is recieved Marvel may infact not have a universal threat looming over their future phases but instead have the heroes themselves fighting one another, and there are many great stories from the comics waiting to be used for inspiration.


Perhaps the greatest hulk comic series ever made, this would be the perfect inspiration for a hulk movie saga.
The story begins with Hulk being tricked by Stark, Black Bolt and Dr Strange into entering a space ship which they immediatly launch into space, thinking that is the last they will see of Hulk. Hulk lands on a alien planet called Sakaar and is enslaved as a gladiator. Long story short, Hulk takes over the planet, gets married, his wife is killed by Stark's spaceship exploding and Hulk return's to Earth to get revenge.
Though the movie would likely differ from the comics a bit considering FOX owns several members of the Illuminati a World War Hulk movie series would make for a great couple of phases in the MCU.


Siege is basically Civil War with Asgardians, and could make for a very entertaining movie.
After Ragnarok Thor and the Asgardians live on Earth in a floating city called Asgardia. An accident occures when Volstagg fights a team of super villains and many human lives are lost. In retaliation, Norman Osborne, who is now the leader of the avengers, attacks Asgard with the avengers and the US military. In the middle of the battle Osborne unleashes the Sentry who promptly rips appart the foundations of Asgardia. In the end Osborne is arrested for attacking without the governments consent and the Sentry is killed by Thor.
Siege would basically be a sequel to Civil War and would feature many great hero on hero fights. This film would be the perfect way to introduce Sentry and Ares the god of war.


Thor the reigning would probably be the perfect way to send off the Thor franchise with a bang.
Thor moves Asgard to Earth so he can truely help humanity. The Asgardians put an end to wars before they start, end world hunger and cure all diseases free of charge, and this angers the world leaders. The nations of Earth attack Asgard and a brutal battle ensues. In a last ditch effort the humans unleash nuclear bombs on Asgard and the city of New York over which Asgard floats, killing mortals and immortals alike. In anger, Thor leads the gods on a crusade across Earth, destroying all who stand in his way. Thor conquers Earth but in the end he sees he has caused more harm to humanity than good, so he travels back in time to stop it all. Thor the Reigning and Siege could be combined to make a awsome movie series.


So many choices but not enough time, Marvel would very likely be forced to choose only one of these stories to adapt to film, or would they? There is a way to fit all these great stories into one phase, and the way to do it is to combine them.


Thor brings Asgard to Earth so he can help the humanity. Asgard interferes when it finds out that Earth has kept some of the infinity gems, thus war ensues. America orders Asgard to leave the planet but Thor refuses. The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D attack Asgard but are defeated, they then unleash the Hulk (who has been modified with Stark Tech) on Asgard. Thor defeats the Hulk but not before many lives are lost. S.H.I.E.L.D, knowing the Hulk will be extremely angry when he learns how he was used, launch him into space.


Thor begins his conquest of Earth. The world is initially divided between the house of Thor and the house of Stark but by the end of the movie Thor is in control of Earth and only a few Avengers remain alive.


The film would stay almost identicle to the comic storyline except when Hulk's wife dies he gains her power. Hulk and his army fly to Earth.


Thor believes he is leading humanity into a peaceful and prosperous future but he soon finds out that Loki, his second in command, is doing awful things to keep the mortals in check. In Thor's time of doubt Hulk arrives on Earth seeking vengeance and the two kings clash.
I dont know how this would end, and since i hope that Marvel makes this film series I will leave the ending open for them to do what they will and for you to speculate on how it would end.


Whether it is in Phase 4 or 5 i think this is the best way to send out the first generation of heroes with a bang. Please post your thoughts.



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