How Does Hank Pym Fit Into The Avengers Franchise?

How Does Hank Pym Fit Into The Avengers Franchise?

With Nathan Fillion rumoured to be playing the Scientist Supreme, how does his character fit into the already growing Avengers Franchise, and how will his character develop?

Hey guys, this is my first article on this site, so let me know how I do!

Wadey09 posted on here recently that Nathan Fillion is pretty much 'locked in' to be playing Hank Pym. However, the source doesn't say what films he'll be in. So this is how the character is going to fit in through the films.

At the end of IM2, we saw a scene with Nick Fury and Tony Stark at some SHIELD Headquarters, and in the Background was a map of the World with several points of interest highlighted. It has already been speculated who these points possibly relate to: Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Cap(in the Arctic AND Germany, if @contrast is right) and Namor.

If all of these markers are accounted for, SHIELD is obviously not looking to recruit Hank Pym. So how is he going to be in the movie? One possibility is that Hank is already working for SHIELD. Although Hank is most famous for his Pym Particles, he is still the 'Scientist Supreme' and is very knowledgeable in all fields of science. So maybe Nick has recruited him to the team focusing on finding Cap and ensuring he is brought back correctly. If Hank was placed in Cap as a supporting role, there would be less characters to introduce in the Avengers Movie and the character has more time to grow.

If Hank IS in Cap, at what stage is the character going to be? There is the possibility he hasn't even discovered Pym Particles yet, and is just known as an excellent scientist. If so, this could lead on in the Avengers movie to show Hank discovering the particles then, and becoming Ant-Man in that film to help the team. I dont think the Wasp should be in this movie; there would be too many characters, too many plots and not enough focus on the big guns. She should come into it later though.

Hank's story could continue in his own movie following The Avengers, with Hank furthering his career as a superhero and THEN meeting Janet Van Dyne then. I'd also like to see Ultron in this film - if the robot is secretly created and escapes in the Ant-Man movie (by hypnotising Hank so he forgets all about it), Ultron is then set up to be the Villain in Avengers 2.

In the second Avengers movie, Id like to see Hank take a bigger role. Perhaps he could learn early on he's created the killing machine, and this could lead on to his downfall. I think the story of Hank losing his mind, abusing Janet and eventually becoming Yellowjacket is something that could be brought to the big screen really well. Feeling guilty over Ultron, Hank becomes depressed and mentally ill, becoming Yellowjacket towards the end of the movie. Due to his mentally weakened state, puts the team in Jeopardy. Cue Hawkeye to take his place for the final battle maybe?

Hanks recovery could be tied in at the end of The Avengers 2, or could be drawn out into a redemption type story in Ant-Man 2. I think the latter choice would be better - this could delve into the Giant-Man/Goliath storylines.

Hank could also fit into various other CBM's: he'd fit into a Hulk 2 really well (fighting as Giant-Man?) or even into IM3 to further the history of SHIELD's operations and research.

Anyway, thats how id like to see Hank develop in the Avengers Franchise. What do you guys think?
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