IMDb lists TDKR and The Avengers as their top user rated films of 2012

IMDb lists TDKR and The Avengers as their top user rated films of 2012

IMDb has listed their top ten user rated films of 2012 with The Dark Knight Rises taking first place, The Avengers taking second place and The Amazing Spider-man taking fifth place.

Once again The Dark Knight Rises has taken a place in another top ten list, this time the film has taken the number one spot in IMDb's Top 10 User-Rated Movies of 2012. The Avengers however has managed to take second place along with The Amazing Spider-man taking fifth place.
Both The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers have proved to huge successes, with both making over $1 billion at the box office and being very well received by the general audience and critics alike.

1)The Dark Knight Rises
Our users say: "The best thing about this movie is how satisfying it is. It doesn't leave you frustrated or confused. You can't really complain that it didn't explore certain ideas or follow through. By deciding to have an official ending to this trilogy's story, the themes surrounding Batman are very fresh. We don't know where he'll end up. It's not the same old thing about whether he can continue to be Batman or not, which was already getting repetitive in Spider-man 2. The conclusions are not as important as the feelings they invoke as they come about. Nolan is especially good at capturing the complete tension of actually not knowing what will happen and deeply questioning what you *want* to happen and why." ”

2) The Avengers
Our users say: "This is the purest comic book movie I have ever seen, and for that reason alone it works. Everything, from the writing to the action to the humour to the chemistry between characters to even the pacing feels like it was pulled straight from the pages of the lavishly ludicrous, and having one of the gods of cult sci-fi/fantasy, not to mention a comic book writer, at the helm of this movie was probably the only way this movie could have possibly met with everyone's expectations." ”

3)The Hunger Games

5)The Amazing Spider-Man
Our users say: "Spider-Man has always been a hero all readers could relate to, with his transition from outcast to hero and his various personal, real-world struggles. Andrew Garfield, sexy nerd incarnate, is an ace casting choice. The actor has said that playing Spider-Man has been his dream since he was a young boy and the role went to the right guy. Garfield has an effortless, genuine charm and his slightly lanky proportions do seem very reminiscent of the Peter Parker of the comics, particularly the Ultimate version."

8)Twilight: Breaking Dawn
9)The Expendables 2
10)Magic Mike

This is bound to stir up controversy with The Dark Knight Rises proving to be both loved and hated by people within the comic book community and The Avengers seeming to be the more faithful comic book adaptation. What do you think?

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