Is IRON MAN 3's Mark 42 Suit Our First Look At Ultron?

Is IRON MAN 3's Mark 42 Suit Our First Look At Ultron?

2015 can't come quick enough, bringing with it Avengers: Age of Ultron. There's still a rather large elephant in the room though, Ultron's origin. Read on for my theory on how this new villain might come into being..

Avengers: Age of Ultron. One of (if not the) biggest comic book movie, ever made, will soon be upon us. Right now we know little about Ultron and where he's going to come from, but it is widely believed that the blame will end up on Tony Stark.

If this is the case, how long have Marvel known? How long have they been dropping hints? What are these hints?

We've all seen the scrapped Avengers scene. Jarvis breaks rank and questions Stark, showing us for the first time that Jarvis is more than just Tony Stark's computerized Tea Maid. However, I believe there is only one place to look for Ultron. Think what you will of Iron-Man 3, it did a great job showing off the Iron Legion along with one of it's most notable members, Stark's Mark 42 suit.


There are numerous reasons to harp on and on about this all day. Instead, I chose what I believe to be the strongest arguments in the Mark 42's case. Here they are:


In both the comics and the animated series there has been one person Ultron refused to hate, Hank Pym, his creator. Should Stark create Ultron he would try and protect Stark at all times, something we saw the Mark 42 try to do. And these images do seem eerily similar...


In Iron-Man 3 we see the Mark 42 look down on Pepper and even attack her in her sleep. In the comics Ultron has developed an infatuation towards Janet van Dyne, Wasp, causing him to hate and attack her on many occasions. Keeping in mind that these are both Stark and Pym's love interests, it appears too perfect to be a mere coincidence.

3) The Prodigal Son
Iron-Man 3 saw Stark call the Mark 42 his "Prodigal Son". The first time it is ever made absolutely, with-out a doubt clear that there is a relationship between Tony and his suits. The first time a connection can be seen, a father-son type of relationship...


If I were to wrap this all up (tie it with a bow) I'd say take what you will from this editorial, at the end of the day it's nothing more than the speculations of a fan. We know AoU is on it's way, we know Marvel have proven that they are capable and have this universe in safe hands. I'm prepared to sit back, relax and accept whatever Disney/Marvel throws my way.

Grazie, Signore e Signori
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