James Cameron Comments On The Success Of THE AVENGERS

James Cameron Comments On The Success Of THE AVENGERS

As of now, only two movies have made $2 billion at the box office, and both are James Cameron flicks - something the director is only too happy to point out when he discusses how close The Avengers came to joining Avatar and Titanic with MTV..

Obviously Marvel's The Avengers was a beast at the box office, having now made an incredible $1.5 billion worldwide. But, it doesn't seem very likely (at least not without another re-release) that it will join the "King of the world's" two major money-spinners in that elusive $2 billion club. In a recent interview with MTV, James Cameron had a bit of fun with the fact that the Marvel movie just fell short of the mark..

"They got close. They didn't break the $2 billion-dollar barrier, there's only two in the club. But you know, come on, let's go guys. Look, I want Hollywood to be as successful and vibrant as it always has. Hopefully a movie will come along next year and show everyone what's possible because that just benefits us all. On the other hand, if that shouldn't happen for another ten years that would be good too. ... It's kind of a no-lose situation. We managed to push Titanic right over the $2 billion mark with the re-release, so I'm happy about that."

But what did Cameron actually think of The Avengers as a movie, putting aside how much it did or did not gross? - "Oh I liked 'Avengers.' I thought it was a real crowd-pleaser, lots of fun [and] funny, funnier than [I expected]. I thought leavening it was important because 'Titanic' is not exactly a laugh riot.". If you click on the link back to MTV below you can see the video interview - provided you live in the right Country.

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