Jim Starlin Clarifies His Thanos In AVENGERS 2 Comments

Jim Starlin Clarifies His Thanos In AVENGERS 2 Comments

Thanos creator Jim Starlin revealed a while back that the Mad Titan -- who was glimpsed in The Avengers after credits scene -- would pop up The Avengers 2, but now he's backtracked a little. Read on for details.

Last year at a convention a fan asked Thanos creator Jim Starlin about the character's involvement in Avengers 2 to which the writer replied: "Thanos would appear in both Guardians & Avengers 2". Well it turns out that may not have been the truth, as Starlin today clarified his comments.

“Setting the record straight: It keeps getting reported that I claimed that Thanos will be in both the upcoming Guardians of the Universe [sic] and Avengers II movies. Sort of true but not really. All I said, in some interview way back when, was that I had heard (as in convention scuttlebutt) that the Titan would be in both movies. I have absolutely nothing to do with Marvel films and not all that much with Marvel Comics. So I am no reliable source to quote on anything to do with what’s happening in any future Marvel film.”

So what do you think? Do you think we will see Thanos appear in Avengers 2? Or will we see another villain, maybe a group of villains? Comment below and let me know!

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