Joe Carnahan Talks The Hollywood Trend Of Superhero Movies

Joe Carnahan Talks The Hollywood Trend Of Superhero Movies

The director behind The Grey and The A-Team talks about the current dominance of comic book movies at the box office and what it means for Hollywood. Carnahan touches on Nemesis, The Avengers, Michael Bay and more, definitely worth a watch.

He was up for Fox's Daredevil reboot before the film rights returned to Marvel and he's tied to the adaptation of Mark Millar's Nemesis and with Millar consulting at Fox, don't be surprise when Carnahan tackles one of their superhero film franchises.

It's a 10-minute discussion but here are some of the choice topics covered by Carnahan.

"Are we so now popcorn driven? Is The Avengers now going to reshape every movie for the next 10 years? Listen, Marvel's doing it brilliantly, they have figured out a way to make all these other films and then a super film of those films and have all of them be profitable."

"My brother and I pitched Nemesis from Mark Millar of Kick-Ass and Wanted. We pitched this thing and we had such a great, big morality twist on this thing that I never thought in a million years they would go for and they did. Now that's all fine and good in theory but when we execute this thing it is going to be at the opposite end of the comic book genre. They're either going to go for that and see what it could be and maybe move the forum forward a little bit. Or not."

Much more ground was covered in the video above and it should raise a number of questions for all you self-described film buffs. Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below once you finish watching.

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