Joss Whedon Hints That AVENGERS 2 Will See The Heroes Struggle To Remain A Team

Joss Whedon Hints That AVENGERS 2 Will See The Heroes Struggle To Remain A Team

We've had Whedon's thoughts on certain characters that may or may not appear in the Marvel sequel, but we haven't had much of an idea of the actual plot from him yet. Now while talking to Vulture about his upcoming take on Much Ado About Nothing, the writer/director drops a hint..

There's been so much speculation about which characters might be joining, and who the villain would be that we haven't really thought too much about the overall team dynamic in The Avengers 2. Will we see some more conflict among the heroes? Of course we had that as the team formed and learned to work together in the first film, but now that they are a solid unit, doesn't necessarily mean it'll be plain sailing. While chatting to Vulture about Much Ado About Nothing, Joss Whedon was asked if that would be a factor, and after making a joke about it, he confirms that the site is on to something.

VULTURE: "So for Avengers 2, you have a draft done, you start shooting in early 2014. What will be the main conflict this time, now that they've formed a team? Trying to stay a team? Becoming their own worst enemy? Because these are not folks who can pull off making a movie out of a Shakespeare play in twelve days."

WHEDON: "No, they're not. And actually, that's the middle of the movie, them trying to. It's the Avengers trying to do Measure for Measure, and it doesn't go well. It's very exciting, especially in 3-D. [Laughs] The rest of it, you're right about — it was necessary to build this team, but what happens to them and to the world when they actually exist as a team? How does that work? And I have until we shoot in February to make sure that I'm right."

Obviously we expected SOME conflict, as that was one of the elements that made the first movie so enjoyable -- but could it be taken up a notch for the sequel? Will we see some characters go their separate ways perhaps? Sound off with your thoughts below.

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