Joss Whedon On The Avengers: No Ultimate Hulk, Villains Will Be "Something New"

Joss Whedon On <i>The Avengers</i>: No Ultimate Hulk, Villains Will Be "Something New"

More from Total Film's comic book movie preview issue. In an interview with Joss Whedon the Avengers director reveals what version of The Hulk we will be seeing as well as dropping a little hint about the villains..

When The Hulk was conformed as being part of the lineup for The Avengers many fans assumed that he would be smashing up the place and playing a villainous role at first. Now we still don't know if that will be the case or not but one thing is for certain, anyone hoping for some Hulk related carnage on the scale we saw in Mark Millar's Ultimates is in for a disappointment.

In an interview with Total Film Whedon explains why and elaborates on exactly which Avengers team we will see in the movie..

Total Film: Are you basing The Avengers on any particular comic book series?

Whedon: No, it's an amalgam. There's some originals, some Ultimates and some characters from different runs-and hopefully some new stuff too. We're certainly not going to have Hulk killing hundreds of people. It's not as cute on film as it is in the comics.

Who are The Avengers going to be fighting?

Well we all know Loki's in the house, beyond that I'm not saying!

Will we be seeing any new villains from outside the Marvel Universe?

We're definitely going to see something new...but I'm playing this one close to the chest!

So there you have it guys, according to Whedon himself at least some villainous element in The Avengers will be something that we haven't seen in the comics before. Is it the mysterious Alien race seen battling the team on set or something else? Only time will tell.


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