Joss Whedon Talks Writing Avengers, Massive Egos

Joss Whedon Talks Writing Avengers, Massive Egos

In a new interview, the director discusses how he had to approach writing The Avengers and why it took a massive ego.

As the success of The Avengers settles in, Joss Whedon is able to speak out more on writing the film and working with the characters.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he discusses his massive ego:

“I think you have to have an insanely massive ego to think you can pull it off,” Whedon said. “I was out of my mind. There was many times when I was writing, when I was filming, that I thought, a grown-up should be doing this!”

Fortunately, Joss had the ego to back his brilliance up and everything turned out fine. I find it interesting that he referred to his thinking as childlike when he was writing. Like Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Instead of thinking about what each character can and should do, it sounds more like he let his imagination run wild and just tried to keep up.

He mentions in the interview that he wrote a lot that didn't make the cut:

“When an idea falls out generally speaking, it’s not because it would work better later,” he admitted. “It’s an alternate to what’s there. So I probably wrote this movie four times, and there’s some stuff I was sorry to let go of. But it’s doubtful that I would recycle it."

Chances are he won't need to recycle. A writer that prolific is sure to be able to come up with new material quickly.

Check out The Hollywood Reporter for the full interview.

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