Kevin Feige Hints At AVENGERS 2 In 2015; Discusses IRON MAN 3 & CAPTAIN AMERICA 2

Kevin Feige Hints At AVENGERS 2 In 2015; Discusses IRON MAN 3 & CAPTAIN AMERICA 2

Kevin Feige Hints At AVENGERS 2 In 2015; Discusses IRON MAN 3 & CAPTAIN AMERICA 2

During a lengthy interview with SHH as part of their Avengers set visit coverage, Feige drops a few tid bits on what to expect from the various Marvel sequels in production, and hints at "building towards" something big in 2015..

As you can see, the embargo has lifted on the various Avengers set visit reports from around the web. You can find most of the major revelations regarding that movie in the articles below but Kevin Feige did drop a few interesting hints about what we can expect from future Marvel films. Perhaps most intriguing is his announcement that Marvel "are thinking and plotting out towards 2015". Now that could mean a lot of things, but it certainly suggests that we can expect something big to happen three years from now. SHH make a guess that he is talking about an Avengers sequel, and although Feige doesn't confirm anything, he seems to be happy enough to let us hold to that assumption at least..

Q: So "Avengers 2" is 2015? If we're piecing together the last five minutes of this conversation. I mean, is there a framework, you call it "Avengers, Part I" is there a framework you feel that you guys want to turn it to maybe a trilogy or…?

Feige: "It's like managing any franchise. Two to three years usually is what makes the most sense. Depending what happens, it can be four years, but two to three years."

He also briefly discusses two more Marvel sequels that are in the pipeline. Don't expect any of Tony Stark's Avengers team mates to pop up for a cameo in Iron Man 3, but it seems a safe bet that S.H.I.E.L.D will feature in the Captain America sequel..

So the story that Shane is developing now on "Iron Man 3," while it does not avoid any references to "The Avengers," is very much Tony is back in his world with his players dealing with his issues and is not going to pick up the phone and call Thor or Captain America or anything like that, necessarily. It's not that won't happen down the line. It could. But particularly with "Iron Man 3," year after "The Avengers," it's more about getting Tony back into his world."

"Frankly, I think S.H.I.E.L.D. would be most relevant in a Cap sequel, because Thor has nine worlds to traverse and many, many supporting players and Iron Man has his supporting cast and many villains and plotlines to go through and Steve in the modern world sorta doesn't have an anchor and the anchor we're establishing in this one is S.H.I.E.L.D.. It's early days on "Cap 2," nobody's counting those chickens yet, but maybe there's some connection there.

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