Latino Review's Big MARVEL Scoop Involves One Of The Following...

Latino Review's Big MARVEL Scoop Involves One Of The Following...

The ever cryptic "Elmayimbe" has Tweeted a third clue to the Marvel scoop he is planning to drop on Superbowl Sunday, and he's flat out stated it has to do with one of the following characters/comics. Can you make an educated guess based on what we already have to work with?

First we had the hands in a diamond shape, leading many to believe that this scoop would have something to do with The Vision. The next clue was an Air-force symbol on the side of some type of aircraft, now we have this..

along with the following from Latino Review's Elmayimbe..

"Marvel Clue #3: My superbowl scoop is about one of these, but which one? :)"

He followed that up with..

"Graphic novels of Super Bowl scoop did so well they are completely sold out! Issues and graphic novels! That's clue & how popular it is!"

Now it would seem like he's just lumped a load of Marvel characters with movie franchises together but lets look a bit closer. We know that this is a Marvel scoop (obviously), and while that doesn't necessarily mean it's a Marvel STUDIOS scoop, given Latino Review's past insider info I think it's safe to assume it. So that immediately disqualifies Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men and Silver Surfer, and leaves Cap, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor - the core team members of The Avengers. No surprises then, but this Tweet suggests that the scoop only has to do with one of them, so along with the diamond hand malarkey and the Cap shield snap, what could it all mean? Another possibility is that he isn't referring to the character specifically, but the particular story arcs depicted on one of the covers in relation to the character (I believe they are all very early or first appearances). Plus there are also a couple of conveniently placed spaces left comic-free. Hmmmmmm. Of course as I said, this is just an assumption, and I have my own ideas, but what do you guys think?

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