Mark Ruffalo on The Avengers !

Mark Ruffalo on The Avengers !

Mark Ruffalo on <i>The Avengers</i> !

Mark Ruffalo speaks on his acting style and playing Bruce Banner/The Hulk in The Avengers.

Below are just a few excerpts from what Mark Ruffalo recently had to say to the Belfast Telegraph concerning The Avengers and portraying The Hulk.

On acting...

“I consider myself a journeyman actor.If you want someone to serve the film, you don’t want too much bulls**t.

You want someone who’s committed, who’s going to show up on time, who’s gonna be in your corner. When you need someone, I’m the guy.

On playing Bruce Banner/The Hulk...

“You’re taking a flying f**k at a rolling donut in these movies because you don’t exactly have a finished script. The only thing you have any understanding of is the people you’re going to work with.

Robert(Robert Downey Jr.) calls me, and he’s like, ‘This is gonna be fun.’ Because we worked together on Zodiac, and I grew up with the Hulk, especially the Lou Ferrigno Hulk,”
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