Marvel Studios Reportedly Has Plans For YOUNG AVENGERS And ULTIMATES Member Miss America Chavez

Marvel Studios Reportedly Has Plans For YOUNG AVENGERS And ULTIMATES Member Miss America Chavez

There have been rumblings that The Ultimates might assemble in the MCU for a while now, and further evidence is pointing to that being the case with news that there are plans for Miss America Chavez...

According to a new report, Marvel Studios is currently planning to use Miss America, a.k.a. America Chavez, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near future. There's no news on when or where that might take place, but the character's introduction makes sense for a number of reasons. 

For starters, the MCU will soon have Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Monica Rambeau all in the same world and they've obviously assembled (alongside Miss America and Blue Marvel) as The Ultimates in the past. Now, you're probably thinking of that alternate universe version of The Avengers of the same name, but The Ultimates were also a team who assembled to take on all manner of cosmic threats. 

In the comics, Miss America is a Latin-American immigrant who is openly gay. She's also insanely powerful and someone who could end up being a game-changer for the MCU moving forward. 

It's said that plans for the character are in a live-action setting, and she could pop up literally anywhere, which became apparent during D23 when we learned that familiar faces from the Ant-Man and Thor franchises are set to play a role in Disney+ series WandaVision

How do you guys feel about this news? 

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Wonder Man


Wonder Man is, of course, a classic Avenger, but he's faded into obscurity in recent years and is far from a household name even among the most hardcore of comic book fans. 

Created by Baron Zemo, Simon Williams was meant to help the Masters of Evil take down Earth's Mightiest Heroes but he later switched sides and has since battled some pretty serious mental issues and had to balance being a superhero with his career in Hollywood. 

Nathan Fillion was supposed to make a cameo appearance on some posters in the Earth-set scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but that was scrapped so here's hoping Kevin Feige does actually have something in mind for Wonder Man. 

U.S. Agent


John Walker is a very interesting and complex character, and following Captain America's apparent death/disappearance, it's understandable that the US Government might want a Cap of their own - and one who will follow the rules that Steve Rogers broke when he refused to abide by the Sokovia Accords. 

Plus, Sam Wilson is probably still considered a criminal after Steve broke him out of The Raft, so would they really be happy with The Falcon becoming the new Captain America? 

The most obvious place for U.S. Agent to appear would be the Falcon & The Winter Soldier TV series on Disney+, and recent rumours have actually pointed to that being the case. 

The Sentry


The Sentry is a very divisive character who was given a huge role in the Marvel Universe around the time Civil War was playing out. It didn't take long for Marvel's Superman to disappear, but he has made a number of appearances since and there's no denying that his split personality issues are interesting, especially when The Void makes itself known. 

Marvel Studios could even make him a cosmic character or a full-blown villain if they so choose.

Ultimately, though, it's hard to say where The Sentry might appear, but Marvel Studios could reimagine him in a lot of very exciting ways. Just like Mysterio is seemingly trying to fill the void left by Iron Man, this hero could easily step forward to try and replace Thor now that he's in outer space with the GOTG.



If you're at all familiar with The Sentry, then chances are you'll be well aware that he literally tore Ares in half during Siege. Well, that R-Rated moment is unlikely to make it to the big screen, but there's really no reason why this powerful God can't be given the chance to shine. 

The son of Zeus and the Olympian God of War, Ares is also Hercules' brother and has served as both a hero and villain over the years (though he was misled by Norman Osborn as a Dark Avenger). 

Marvel Studios would have a lot of freedom to do whatever they like with Ares in many respects given the way his allegiances often changed, but it would be fun to see this unique take on the God, especially if The Eternals is going to introduce Hercules and change this shared world's mythology as we know it. 

Black Knight


Rumour has it that Marvel Studios is considering introducing Black Knight in the next Ant-Man movie by revealing that he's been trapped in the Quantum Realm for hundreds of years. 

Time will tell on that front, but as the wielder of the Ebony Blade and a member of The Avengers, Black Knight is actually one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful superheroes and someone who would definitely bring a different feel to whatever we're going to see throughout Phase 4. 

Ultimately, it just depends whether we're getting a third Ant-Man movie, but fans are anxious to see more of The Wasp, so there is a decent chance that will happen. With any luck, though, Marvel Studios will consider getting a new director to take the helm in order to shake things up a little.



Hercules has a lengthy history in the Marvel Universe and, as you can see above, there have been a number of iterations of the character. He's been an Avenger, a replacement for The Hulk, and even Wolverine's boyfriend in an alternate universe, and rumour has it that he will be the MCU's first openly gay superhero as part of The Eternals.

That would definitely be cool to see, while him making his presence felt in the present day would also be fun. After all, Hercules has always been one of the most entertaining members of The Avengers and some team-ups with Thor would definitely be appreciated. 

There's a lot that could be done with Hercules and it wouldn't be that hard to imagine him carrying his own franchise, even if the "Hercules" label has been soured somewhat in recent years thanks to movies like the one directed by Brett Ratner starring Dwayne Johnson! 

Moon Knight


Fans have made it clear that they would like to see Moon Knight on the big screen, and Kevin Feige has hinted that he does have plans for the emotionally unstable superhero, who has a number of different personalities. Well, that hopefully will indeed be the case because there's more to this guy than just being Marvel's Batman. 

Marvel Studios arguably dropped the ball by allowing Marvel Television to use Daredevil, so this is Feige's chance to introduce a vigilante character to the MCU in the right way. 

Moon Knight definitely deserves his own movie, but Marvel Studios could also take a slower approach to introducing him by using Marc Spector first and having his origin story play out elsewhere. He's an awesome character and one who deserves to grace the big screen sooner rather than later. 

Eric O'Grady


With the Ant-Man franchise seemingly heading down a more fantastical route, it now seems unlikely that Eric O'Grady, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent who becomes a villainous version of the size-changing hero, is a priority for Marvel Studios for the time being. 

That's a shame, though, as it would be great fun seeing him and Scott Lang square off, especially when they arguably have a fair bit in common. Throw in the fact that Eric misusing his powers would be downright hilarious, and he could help breathe some new life into the Ant-Man movies after the sequel ended up being a tad underwhelming. 

If those rumours about a Dark Avengers movie are correct, then it would definitely make sense for Norman Osborn to recruit this "evil" version of Ant-Man for his team. 



Taskmaster has been used a lot more in recent years, both in the comic books and in video games. Unfortuantely, there's been no sign of him on the big screen and that's genuine surprise when a) he's one of Marvel's most visually unique villains and b) also one of the most exciting in terms of how he fights (he can remember his opponent's moves at the cost of his own memories).

While he's often used as a henchman or someone who targets lower tier superheroes, there's no real reason why Taskmaster couldn't be portrayed as the big bad of an upcoming movie.

Personally, I think it would be awesome to see him square off with someome like Black Panther, while he would definitely make a very interesting opponent for the MCU's new Captain America! 

Captain Britain


Everyone knows who Captain America is, but what about Captain Britain? Marvel Studios has spent a lot of time in the UK (everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to Spider-Man: Far From Home were shot on that side of the pond) so it's honestly surprising that he's yet to appear. 

There really is a lot of potential with the character, especially as his powers are mystical in nature and tied into British mythology. Brian Braddock is also a badass, and not just Steve Rogers with a British flag plastered across his chest. 

Looking to Alan Moore's work would be a smart move, as he took things in some very weird and unexpected directions. Meanwhile, newer adventures tying into the Multiverse would also be fun to see explored. The question is, will moviegoers be interested in a Captain Britain movie after spending so many years following Captain America?
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