Marvelfreek reviews: Avengers:EMH "Ultron-5"

Marvelfreek reviews: Avengers:EMH "Ultron-5"

Thats right one of the best baddies in marvel makes his debut in this episode! Hit the jump and check out my full review.

Hey guys sorry my review was a bit late I have school finishing up so its a lot of last minute things but never the less heres the review.

STORY: Well as we expect this episode begins with the Avengers taking care of some baddies. This episodes guys are the serpent society; which was a nice surprise because we don't really get to see C-listers get the limelight. Anyways the serpent society says madame Hydra had sent them (which is impossible because she is in custody). So the avengers quickly debunk that and are about to beat the snot out of them until Ant-man attempts to help them with words. This backfires as the society escapes and Hawkeye is injured. After Ant-man gets a chew out he realizes what he did and decides to quit. Iron Man is not too distraught because he knows Hank is a scientist and pacifist at heart but Wasp goes after him. Tony is trying to discover how the serpent society got this fake message when Thor asks for his scientific help to return to Asgard. (see Casket of Ancient Winters ep.) Then Hulk and Black Panther show up with the unconscious Super Apes who had obtained a similar fake message. When Wasps leaves after a failed talk with Hank Ultron uses his eye beams to knock him unconscious then captures Wasp. As Tony finally discovers the Ultron sent these messages Ultron takes over the mansion, jettisons Hulk into space, short circuits Tony's suit to attack Thor, and locks Cap, Hawkeye and Jane Foster in the training room. Now I will not spoil the final fight but they do escape to fight Ultron. I WILL say one geekout moment and something odd and..."enchanting" happens to Thor but you will have to watch and find out!

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Now there was a decent amount of this between the team. First was resolving the feud between Metal and Magic by Thor asking Iron Man for help which I found tasteful. It was also nice to see that insecure side Hank has in the comics take shape.

GEEKOUT MOMENTS: OK firstly when Iron Man's suit was messed up he needed a suit sans he busts out MARK 1. I thought that was very cool. Also it was cool to see the C-lister bad guys get a shot at the small screen like The Serpent Society and Super Apes. There was also another Fantastic Four reference as well.

FINAL THOUGHTS: One of the best episodes of the season. Personally Ultron is my favorite Avengers villain because he is scary. He's scary because he can kill the team without any emotion or movement. Which is just cool. I give this 5/5 again. And if anyone thinks I'm being biased giving each episode a 5 I'm not...They're just that good! Well I hope you enjoyed the review and stay tuned for X-men:First Class! MARVELFREEK OUT!
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