Marvel's The Avengers: Ten reasons it's the best

Marvel's The Avengers: Ten reasons it's the best

Ten reasons that Marvel's The Avengers is, the greatest superhero film made.

Let's dig right in shall we?

10: No love story

This is something I have felt was for the most part, a weak link in comicbook films. Some of the romances are really good (Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy, Steve and Peggy), while some are not so good (Bruce and Betty in Ang Lee's Hulk, Bruce and Rachel). For Marvel's The Avengers, the only romance is at the beginning of the film between Tony and Pepper and (depending who you are) there could be hints between Hawkeye and Black Widow through out the film. But, other than that. There is no love story in The Avengers. Not only does it need one but if it did have one, it would have held the film back and taken away everything that makes it so special.

9: Show Stealing moments

The epic scenes like this through the film are all I really need to explain this one. Also, the entire conflict on the hellicarrier? Probably my favorite of the whole film.

8: It shouldn't have worked

I won't lie. The success and excitment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had me blinded. While yes, I was super excited for the release of Marvel's The Avengers. It really should never have worked as well as it did. It shouldn't have been as good. But, Joss Whedon made it work. For that, I give him praise. The anticipation for this film is much greater than I had expected, breaking the domestic box office opening weekend record. Some say that's thanks to the 3-D. While 3-D was a factor, I say most of it was 2-D. Though, I could be wrong considering I got lucky and got the last seat in the theater opening day. Then saw it the following day. Both times in 3-D. Either way, it doesn't matter. It worked beautifully and was epic in a way I wasn't expecting. Can't really explain that last part. It just was.

7: More personal

I personally feel it went more depth and got more personal heroes in a way. We got into the history a little bit of Black Widow and Hawkeye, Bruce Banners "condition", Thor with Loki, Tony Stark with his ego and accepting the title of a superhero as well as Captain America recovering his past with the H.Y.D.R.A weapons and suits as well as finding a place of belonging in the present. Again, while it doesn't go into great detail. A lot of people outside of the comicbook audience were probably expecting something mindless like the Transformers films and G.I Joe. Hell, I know a couple people who were actually BORED watching The Avengers. Believe me, I wanted to pimp smack them. It's not mindless and again, it's exciting while also we get to know and see the struggles internaly and externaly of these extrodinary people.

6: Tom Hiddelston as Loki

"How desprate are you? You call on such lost creatures to defend you."

This is now more of a personal opinion than the rest so far but, Tom Hiddelston as Loki is by far my favorite portrayal of a villain yet in a comicbook film. While, I never cared much for the Thor comics. I do love how ever Tom Hiddelston's performance as Loki as from the transition from Thor to The Avengers. In Thor, you felt so bad for him. Although he was the villain, it never felt like it cause Loki is emotionally damaged. After Thor and into The Avengers, he became full fledged villain. He was ruthless and to an extent, terrifying. Before people start calling me a Marvel fanboy, I also find Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker to be phenomenal.

5: It gives the tone balance

Yes, it's a family film. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows that the films based off of Marvel comics (the exceptions being The Punisher films and Blade trilogy) are family friendly. But, why can't the debut film of the Earth's Mightest Heroes have a dark tone too? Well, that's one thing it does that I feel a lot of comicbook movies fail at doing. They focus on one tone. While yes, the focus here is being light hearted and fun. I also feel they have a darker tone than most Marvel comic movies. While, it's not a dark movie and not Spider-Man 3 dark (nor is it anywhere near as bad), it still has that feeling of something very, very bad is coming or about to happen. Somewhat similar of, The Dark Knight trilogy. But again, nowhere near as dark.

4: It serves the readers the most fan service

While every comicbook film serves it's fans in one way or another. Whether it be a wink-wink, full blown easter egg or literally tears out a moment straight from the comics. Every comicbook movie has one. Unless it's a loose adaptation. Anyways, The Avengers is the most fan service comicbook film. It's full of wink-winks, easter eggs and moments you'd find in the comics. It even has the biggest easter egg ever put on the screen.... THANOS! It's a very good time indeed for readers of Marvel comics.

3: Act One: The Avengers Initative

It's a benefit that some don't have. A shared universe made it a stronger movie. It's only just begun too. What Marvel has done is something that no one ever thought it a million years would happen. Just something fanboys always thought would be really cool to see on the screen. Risk after risk. The Avengers was the biggest risk of act one and by far the biggest payoff not only for the fans but financially as well. While a team film is different than a solo film and the thought of too many characters was worrisome. We know now that it works. It was an event movie. One many would call over rated. I for one, don't think so.

2: Style over Substance? Not quite

Marvel has a formula. Story is focus but there is an action sequence in act one, action sequence(s) in act two and the big finale in act three. Pretty simple. They are character and story focused without being the length of The Dark Knight without loosing the action. Yes, The Avengers is a little more than ten minutes shorter than The Dark Knight. But, it still follows the formula. For some, it works. For others, not so much. I personally, feel the following is put into play: "Dont fix, what isn't broken." They take risks by bringing in unknown characters or oddball characters/teams to the big screen. I feel the formula is just fine. You satisfy everyone. Story focus, character moments and action pieces. Everyone goes home happy. If you don't. Then, I don't know.

1: It embraces it's identity

When I watch a comicbook movie, too often do I feel like it's just a movie. I never got that sense of, this is a comicbook movie. Not even from 300 (which is a horrendous movie) or Watchmen. The movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in particular, The Avengers, embraces what it is... A COMICBOOK movie. Nothing realistic. Sure, it has it's logistical faults (what movie doesn't) but it does it's job. It entertains and wows the audience. Spider-Man films are comicbook movies, never quite feel like it though. Same with Batman, Superman and Hellboy. I'm not talking as a fan service movie, I'm talking about the feeling that it's a comicbook movie. The Avengers does it the best because like the rest of Phase One. It embraces it.

What do you think? What do you think is the greatest comicbook movie and why? Comment below, be civil and be respectful.
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