Minor Info Behind Nick Fury's "Side-Kick" in The Avengers Revealed?

Minor Info Behind Nick Fury's "Side-Kick" in <i>The Avengers</i> Revealed?

It seems various sites are trying to figure out who is Nick Fury's side-kick in The Avengers, as well who will play her, ever since Samuel L. Jackson broke the news. While they're not specific, someone knows additional info. Check it out!

A recent episode of Jimmy Fallon Live, guest-starred Samuel L. Jackson, revealed a few tidbits regarding Jackson's Nick Fury role in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. With the most interesting tidbit being that Fury would have a female side-kick in the crossover spectacle The Avengers. During the show a few minor details may have been revealed regarding the character, and her portrayer.

Twitter user, Elmayimbe, who just happens to be a writer for Latino Review, has been updating his account with hints that he may know who this female character could be, and her casting specs.

"I been tracking the female sidekick role in Avengers for months. Its not The Wasp. They are going to cast an unknown...no name actress. All of her scenes are only with Sam Jackson, which leads me to believe the female sidekick is one of shields administrative characters. They were looking at Asian and white girls. Sam Jackson DID NOT want an african american sidekick. There is an unknown actress who had callbacks that Joss liked. Calm down folks, it aint gonna be action heroine type role. The breakdown said administrative. Sam Jackson blew my cover."

And more recent tweets shows how he's currently determined to find out who the 5 candidates for the role are. Be on the lookout for an update.
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