My The Avengers Weekend, Plus A Mini-Review by:StrangerX

My The Avengers Weekend, Plus A Mini-Review by:StrangerX

The movie is out The reviews are in. Now here is my overall weekend experience of the movie event of the year.

Here's what happened over the Weekend

May 4th Opening Day

Like many fans I had to boycott CBM the week after being driven crazy over the spoilers in comments. However, that didn't stop me from not sleeping the night before, or arriving an hour early because of the excitement. My plan was to arrive early in order to get a great seat, and thankfully my spidey sense was right.To my surprise I was still not the only one waiting, fans were already piling into their seats to the sold out show.

What made the experience so special was the fan reactions during the movie.

For example-
-Iron Man using the armor under water
-Agent Coulsons shocking death
-The Hulk vs Thor Battle
-The Chitauri mother ship shutting down the soldiers
-Everyone remained in their seats for the after credits.

Each of these scenes were received in such a way that you could tell you were in a theater filled with fans of the comics and previous films. As for the film it was incredible. Joss Whedon truly knows how to make a comic book movie. The story was well paced that provided humor, action and epic moments only The Avengers could.

So why did I go see it twice.

May 5th The Avengers in Real 3D

The excitement from the first viewing was still so unbelievable that I had to see it again just to come down off the high.
The difference in the second experience was noticeable right away. I arrived 30 min early and the line was already forming outside the theater to another sold out show. The trailers attached to both films were different. Opening day had TASM for the 2D, but the 3D had TDKR for the 3D which was,,weird!! BTW the Prometheus trailer looked amazing in 3D.

As for The Avengers the second time around. The 3D was amazing. Joss and effects team did an amazing job. The images were clear and clean. The 3D was always focused on the images that needed to be highlighted.
For example
-The Shield screens
- Iron man flying right along the screen also his helmet visuals were on point.
- The final battle was incredible and the Leviathan was shown in just the right way.
As for the audience reaction. It was clear right away I was there with the majority of non fans. The response to the scenes were enjoyed, but didn't feel as appreciated. Then from the crying babies to the what's the guys name in the robot suit, was kind of annoying. What made it even more clear was the moment when the movie ended everyone stood up besides the Guy next to me. To leave instead of waiting for the after credits.

Overall the weekend went beyond expectations. Although. the opening day was the best time, seeing it in 3D was just as great.

May 6th
-spent mainly trying to comprehend the movie, and trying to explain the movie in more than just one word. AWESOME

The Avengers gets MY grade of 9.5 and deserves it.

This review brought to you by BostonMovieFan aka StrangerX
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