POLL: The Avengers VS X-Men

<b>POLL:</b> <i>The Avengers</i> <b>VS</b> <i>X-Men</i>

Cast your vote for the Marvel team you think would emerge victorious in a confrontation between The X-Men and The Avengers.

This weeks VS match up finds two of Marvels premier super teams going head to head. In one corner we have every body's favorite gang of mutants The X-Men who now have 5 feature length films to their credit to
go along with their numerous numerous animated incarnations.

In corner #2 we have Marvels long time protectors of Earth The Avengers, who themselves have had multiple animated adaptations and 5 feature films leading up to the release of a 6th next summer.

Read The Following Before Voting!

There are literally hundreds of characters to choose from on both sides when trying to create a team sooooo, in an effort to keep all the voters focused on the same fight, I have taken the liberty of choosing who would be fighting on each team.

Seeing as how there have been (and as far as we know, will be) only six Avengers on screen up untill now, those are the six we are going with. Don't even bother asking me why Nick Fury, Agent Caulson or Maria Hill aren't on the list. They are members of SHIELD, they are not Avengers by proxy simply because they are part of the movies.

The Avengers

Captain America
Iron Man
The Hulk
The Black Widow

The X-Men were a little bit more difficult to choose and still have it be a fair choice, so I decided to piece together a classic version of their team (each one of these characters are in at least one of the films) that catapulted The X-Men to their current place as one of Marvels favorites. I know there are many of you who are going to scream that you may have went with a different roster but this is the one that took the X-Men from cancellation to a dominant force in the Marvel universe. If it wasn't for this line up, it's very possible that there would never have been any X-Men films.



Please vote below and take the time to discuss your choice in the comments section.

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