POLL: What comic book series do you think Joss Whedon Should adapt for television?

POLL: What comic book series do you think Joss Whedon Should adapt for television?

Recently it was confirmed that Joss Whedon will be making a marvel based television show on ABC. What are you expecting/hoping for?

The Marvel universe is vast, and some titles have already been rumored to get a television series based off of them. It was recently confirmed that Joss Whedon, writer director of the popular "Avengers" movie will be working on a show based on one of Marvels comic series. Which would you like to see Joss take on? There are already a few choices being talked about over at disney, and some fan choices.

Heres a rundown on some of the choices

Heroes For Hire: This comic is about a group of heroes, originally Power Man (Luke Cage) And Iron Fist (Ray Park) Who have incredible powers but will not help out less they are paid. This would make for a good TV series and could serve as a buddy cop show. Each Episode would be a new case for the Duo to take on. It could also introduce a few new villains into the MCU. And as time goes on the cast could expand to include other characters. This would serve as a good street level MCU production considering everything in the movies have been very out there.

Hulk: There has already been a very successful Hulk series on Television, which was created back in the 70's and rand through to the 80's. We have seen multiple incarnations of the Hulk since then and Joss Finally got the character with Avengers. This would be a good way to see the Hulks adventures in-betweeneach Avengers movie, instead of not having a movie for him, and Bruce just showing up for no reason in the sequels. Plus Mark Ruffalo is not an In demand actor at the time so he could be cast as Bruce. The only downside would be the lower budget and the CG would be petty dodgy on Bruce's hulk transformation.

Runaways: A film version of this comic series has been in development hell for years. However it could find its place on TV. The Show is about a group of teens and kids who find out there parents are actually Super-villains who control much of the California. So they runaway and try to contact the Avengers. The end up fighting there parents, and continue on there adventures and fight bad guys while on the run. Joss Whedon had a run on the comic book and he seems liek the perfect person to adapt it for television. It fits his writing style as well, bringing back buffyisms to television again.

S.H.I.E.L.D: A top secret government spy organization that secretly protects America and sometimes the world. There are two ways this show could go down, it could be more of a historical piece like the recent mini-series was, or it could focus on Black Widow and Hawkeye's journeys how they became partners, and how and why the organization started the Avengers initiative.

Punisher: There have been talks from the higher ups at Marvel and Disney about making this a television series on ABC for a while. The comic series is about Frank Castle, a war veteran whose family is killed by mobsters when they are on a picnic. He swears revenge and becomes the Punisher, killing the mob one by one and anyone who gets in his way. The biggest problem with this is that it requires excessive amounts of violence that you don't normally see on Television. Now it could just be based on Frank Castles life before the Mob hit on his family, and then the final episode could spark a movie, however for ABC it would still be iffy.

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