Possible Identity For Loki's Staff In Marvel's The Avengers

Possible Identity For Loki's Staff In Marvel's The Avengers

Why some of the rumors floating around are definitely accurate. Spoilers to follow, take the jump to find out!

I had been browsing around, when I had come across this notable image of the Infinity Gauntlet from Comicon. But then, I noticed something strange...the blue gem in the dead center of the Gauntlet looked strikingly like the one featured in Loki's staff in The Avengers.

But that could have been a coincidence, right? Surely there could be another blue gem lying around?

The thing is, though, the staff, and the gem, were both given to Loki by Thanos, who is closely associated with the gauntlet. Not to mention the Mind Gem, the blue one in the center of the Gauntlet, totes the mind control powers Loki demonstrates in the film.

But what about Thor, you ask? How could Thanos get the Mind Gem if it's locked away in Odin's Vault?

Here comes the part where I noticed it seemed almost every single person missed:

The Mind Gem is missing from the Gauntlet.
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