Road To INFINITY WAR: Alternate Comic-Con Posters For THE AVENGERS Show Earth's Mightiest Heroes In Action

Road To INFINITY WAR: Alternate Comic-Con Posters For THE AVENGERS Show Earth's Mightiest Heroes In Action

Seeing Earth's Mightiest Heroes assemble back in 2012 was something truly special and the poster campaign was out of this world. However, that Comic-Con banner could have looked a whole lot different...

At the San Diego Comic-Con in 2011, Marvel unleashed a series of posters for The Avengers which came together to create one larger image. It kicked off a yearly tradition for the studio and while it may not have been a live-action image, it was incredible seeing Earth's Mightiest Heroes stand side by side.

Now, some alternate versions of that poster have surfaced and they show us what could have been. It's fascinating seeing how the heroes are placed on these banners and the different ways Marvel considered portraying them (Iron Man, for example, wasn't always put from and centre by the studio).

So, click below to check out these posters and for a look at how the final version was conceived. How excited are you for this year's Avengers 4 Comic-Con poster? They'll be more heroes than this...

A great poster putting Captain America front and centre as he leads The Avengers. It's interesting to note that Iron Man is off to the side (there's a first) and there's absolutely no sign of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Similar to the final product but arguably quite a bit cooler, The Avengers are leaping into action while the likes of Whiplash, Loki, and the Red Skull are looming in the background.

A cool enough poster, but where's Iron Man?! Many fans found fault with the character being put front and centre in the movie's marketing campaign but that clearly wasn't always the case.

More character profiles than an overarching image, we see the big three in the middle with their pasts playing out beneath them and the rest of the team - and S.H.I.E.L.D. - surrounding them. 

This is a scene it would have been awesome to see in live-action. The team did, of course, assemble but this shot of Cap leading the charge with shield in hand feels like it's been torn from the comics.

This cool poster once again puts Captain America at the front of the pack and seeing the team striking their best action poses as a Helicarrier flies overhead definitely makes for some great imagery.

And finally, here's a version which is obviously one of the final drafts before the poster was finalised. There are some slight alterations but for the most part, it looks extremely similar.

The final product! I'm not sure about you guys, but I still remember Marvel releasing these posters all the way back in 2011. How things have changed since then, eh? Infinity War is fast approaching...

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