Rumor: Morena Baccarin Up For Wasp In The Avengers?

Rumor: Morena Baccarin Up For Wasp In <em>The Avengers</em>?

Apparently the V and Firefly actress has been doing some research on Miss Janet Van Dyne. Could it be for a potential role as Wasp in Joss Whedon's Avengers movie?

Whedon has already confirmed that Hank Pym(Ant/Giant Man) will play no part in The Avengers. But what about his wife, Janet Van Dyne?(The Wasp). Its generally assumed that they are kind of a package deal, and if he is using one he will use both or none at all. Aside from some bogus rumors resurfacing of Eva Longoria being linked to the role, all has been quiet on the Wasp front since.

But now according to

An exclusive tip from a scooper who is known to us tells us that in between filming sessions for V, actress Morena Baccarin was seen visiting a comic shop and purchasing "a bunch of Avengers comics." Our tipster further said she was asking the store workers to specifically point out comics with the Wasp in them.

Just to reiterate, the source is someone we know and we have every reason to believe this source saw and heard what they claim. But what does it mean exactly?

This isn't the first time a rumor has surfaced based on "they were seen buying comics". Its practically identical to a story we ran a long time ago about Battlestar Galactica's Katie Sackhoff buying a load of Daredevil comics. But, Baccarin has worked with Whedon before and is certainly a fan favourite for the part. Mania seem fairly sure their source is on the level. But even if that's true and she has been stocking up on Wasp related comics, does that mean she is a contender for the role? The Avengers is set to film early next year and it was believed that the principal cast had all been announced at Comic Con. But maybe this is just a cameo, as Whedon is still at work on the script. Or maybe she just really liked Avengers comics!

What do you guys think? Confirm or debunk below.

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