Scarlett Johansson Recalls Sharing MARVEL-lous Familiarities With Sir Anthony Hopkins

Scarlett Johansson Recalls Sharing MARVEL-lous Familiarities With Sir Anthony Hopkins

Remaining coy about her next Black Widow appearances, Scarlett Johansson has explained how she and Sir Anthony Hopkins acknowledged their Marvel experiences while filming Hitchcock.

Although their characters are surely established in different films, Scarlett Johansson’s Russian spy Black Widow and Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Asgardian all-father Odin are very much a part of Marvel Studios’ shared universe. And while both thespians recently starred in Hitchcock together, Johansson explained to Vulture how she & Hopkins acknowledged having that in common.

“Yes, We’re [both] part of the Marvel universe. We compared, contrasted our notes, our experiences ... how wonderful Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are. It was nice to be able to share our stories of on-set experiences. We have a mutual love for them, so strongly.” This response somehow prompted Vulture to ask Scarlett if she considers herself a Hiddlestoner, to which she laughed and replied, “Oh, no, really? That sounds like such a loaded question.”

Anthony Hopkins recently wrapped filming for his reprisal as Odin in Thor: The Dark World, while Scarlett Johansson is gearing up for Captain America: The Winter Soldier before Marvel’s The Avengers sequel. Speaking of which, Scarlett was, of course, asked about Widow’s relationship with Captain America in the upcoming films. And she unsurprisingly harrumphed and told Newsroom Jersey, “You think I can tell you anything about that?” No ScarJo, we don’t. What do you think?

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