SDCC '13: Joss Whedon Solo Panel

SDCC '13: Joss Whedon Solo Panel

In between today's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel and tomorrow's Marvel panel, famed director Joss Whedon has his very own solo panel courtesy of Dark Horse comics. It's basically one big fan Q&A session so MCU topics dominated the discussion.

  • Joss is asked whether he prefer creator-owned stuff or working on things like Marvel films. Joss' response: "It's all good. Ultimately, they get away from you even when you create them." He says that there's nothing like creating your own universe, but it always gets out of your hand.

  • Someone asks if Joss is consulting on other Marvel properties (which we already know the answer to be 'Yes.) Joss responds: "Nothing's under my control. I do actually have a consulting deal with Marvel. It's not for that reason, but it's part of that. I get involved with all of their movies and a certain TV show."

  • His ideal casting for Abigail Brand? Joss responds: "I don't have anybody particularly in mind. The first person who comes to mind would be Julianne Moore."

  • Joss is asked when he's going to kill Fitz and Simmons on the new "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show." Joss responds: "I have no intention of killing anybody from the 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' pilot." Someone yells out "Liar!" Joss responds, "Oh? It's like that? S***'s gonna get real. I'm gonna kill them because you said that," he jokes (we assume he's joking but he's probably not). He continues, "I don't create characters so I can get rid of them. I create characters so I can love them." He goes on, "If I didn't kill [Walsh in Serenity], the number of people that I seem to kill and then bring back would be totally embarrassing. I couldn't get away with any of that if I hadn't. I do like to do it to somebody you care about suddenly, because that's what happened to me and that's what happens in life. And the fact that you guys give me so much s*** about it means I'm probably doing it right."

  • Whedon gives a shout-out to Drew Goddard for helping develop the Thor/Loki dynamic in "The Avengers." Whedon reveals he did some work on "Thor: The Dark World, "I think there's some fun stuff coming up between the two of them in the next one."

  • Whedon reveals that he's always wanted to write and direct an animated feature, albeit a more adult one like the anime Japan makes for adults that's "tougher, more adolescent adventure story." Citing Japan, Whedon adds, "They're not afraid to say 'Grown-ups want to see animation too."

  • Would Joss ever attempt Wonder Woman after being famously stonewalled by WB? Joss says, "No. Uh... It's not a total no, but it would be very hard... For one thing, I told a story. I never actually told it the way I wanted. She's a tough nut to crack. I don't like to go back to things so much and I also feel like, again, there's plenty of room for a new iconic female heroine."

  • "We don't have that plan. We can't afford her. But we do hope to see her again," Joss said of having Cobie Smulders appear in additional episodes of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • If he had all the characters available, which of the New Avengers would he add to The Avengers 2 roster? Joss said, "I'd take them all. Spider-Man. Wolverine. Luke Cage. Then I would shoot myself, because I'd have 20 characters to write...I just want to write a movie about ONE character."

  • How does he juggle such a large cast like in "The Avengers" and coming up in "The Avengers 2"? "I think the appeal of The Avengers is that it doesn't work," he said. Joss continued, "You're sorta inoculated against the absurdity by the fact that the people in that world recognize that absurdity." Joss said he grew up with stories that logically shouldn't have worked but did, citing comic books like "Howard the Duck" as an example. Citing another example, Joss said he loves director Martin Campbell's work, but that "Green Lantern" wasn't his thing and it showed.

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