THE AVENGERS: Alternate Alien Craft Designs & Iron Man Mark VII Suit Transformation

THE AVENGERS: Alternate Alien Craft Designs & Iron Man Mark VII Suit Transformation

Conceptual artist, Phil Saunders, has now uploaded more concept art from Marvel's The Avengers. These images feature alternate designs for the Leviathan and a video detailing the Mark VII transformation.


Down below you'll find a few black and white sketches that Phil Saunders created for alien craft featured in Marvel's The Avengers. Early in development they were referred to as "Jumbo and "Chariot."

"It was unclear pre-script whether the Jumbo would be a vehicle or a creature or some kind of hybrid, but it was always described as being like a whale or dragon-like shape. My first attempts were on the mechanical side, inspired by various kinds of parasitic worms." - Phil Saunders

Phil also reveals that originally Joss Whedon had planned for another alien craft, that would've been integrated into the "Jumbo" craft.

"Originally there was another class of craft like a one-alien flyer that would detach from the Jumbo, and these I envisioned as being the spines of the Jumbo that would drop off like shed scales and unfold into something like wingsuits."
- Phil Saunders

As for the "chariot," Phil explains that this design was put together before the Chitauri were fully realized.

"The chariot was pretty self-explanatory, A craft that would carry a pilot and one or two gunners in the back." - Phil Saunders



"To design the cruise missile I had to take Josh Herman's beautiful model of the Mk 7 and chop it up, re-articulating it so that I could pack the major components in as tightly as possible with a minimum of theoretical interpenetration. The other goal was to come up with a shape that would allow as much of the actual skin of the suit to be visible but unrecognizable as a suit until the transformation, with a minimum of added panels."
- Phil Saunders


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