A fancast for a third season of the fan-favorite show.

When Marvel tried to bring Earth's Mightiest Heroes to the small screen--in the form of 1999's "The Avengers: United They Stand"--it was a show that was met with much revulsion and derision from fans, no doubt in part due to the show's extremely toyetic nature. It wasn't until 2010 when a new attempt at a TV series premiered on Disney XD, in the form of the more popular, beloved and gone-too-soon "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes".

The series went on, in its two seasons, to gain almost (as Metacritic put it) universal acclaim, despite a lack of merchandise other than a tie-in comic book series. Many praised the portrayals of the characters, the storytelling, and the voice acting as some of the best, on par with even shows from the DC Animated Universe. In the series finale, similar to that of Justice League Unlimited's "Destroyer", the team calls in a number of allies seen throughout the show to fight off Galactus and his heralds.

And just like that, the show was done and over, replaced by the less-liked "Avengers Assemble". Before the show ended, a large amount of concept art was shown online of characters who could've appeared on the show had it continued. I decided to run with those pieces and come up with my own take on a third season of AEMH would've looked like. (Another reason is that there was a similar fancast done by a guy here who conceived a third season for The Spectacular Spider-Man--which got removed, for reasons unknown...) So sit tight and join me as I attempt to bring you:


Of course, playing the team are:
-Brian Bloom as the voice of Captain America/Steve Rogers
-Eric Loomis as the voice of Iron Man/Tony Stark (with Phil LaMarr as the voice of JARVIS)
-Rick D. Wasserman as the voice of Thor
-Wally Wingert as the voice of Yellowjacket/Hank Pym
-Colleen O'Shaughnessey as the voice of the Wasp/Janet Van Dyne
-Fred Tatasciore as the voice of the Hulk (with Gabriel Mann voicing Bruce Banner)
-Chris Cox as the voice of Hawkeye/Clint Barton
-James C. Mathis III as the voice of the Black Panther/T'Challa
-Jennifer Hale as the voice of Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers
-Peter Jessop as the voice of the Vision

Added in because some executives did some minor meddling is:
-Josh Keaton as the voice of Spider-Man/Peter Parker
*He WAS made a reserve member in his debut episode, remember? At least Craig Kyle and Chris Yost wrote him decently enough. If they'd kept Keaton, that would've been icing on the cake. Besides, he's central in the first two episodes of this season 3 proposal.

Supporting characters in the form of:
-Alex Desert as the voice of Nick Fury
-Kari Wuhrer as the voice of Maria Hill
-Kari Wahlgren as the voice of Jane Foster

With this season, the connections to both The Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men will be fully revealed, giving us a new Marvel Animated Universe.

Now on to the new episodes!

Our first three are based on three fanfic stories by user crimsonhawk (links will be included).

Episodes 1-2: The She-Hulk Awakens, Part I-II
Spider-Man helps Jennifer Walters, a 23-year-old criminal lawyer who's made a name for herself in NYC, catch crime boss Nicholas Trask in a sting designed to implicate him in a series of crimes, including the death of Walters' mother and three attempts on the life of her father--just because they were good cops. After the sting goes as planned, Jen is shot by Trask's men after Spidey drops her at home. She is given a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, but then is kidnapped by the new Masters of Evil, consisting of the Shocker, Bullseye, Moonstone, Melter, Deathurge, and the Enchantress, who is still under Surtur the Fire Demon's control. Using a device created by the Shocker, Amora turns Jennifer into She-Hulk in order to use her to break into an abandoned Air Force base to claim an object called the Infernal Sconce for Surtur. The Avengers must rush to save Jen--can they? Will the She-Hulk become a friend, or foe of the Avengers?

#Featured Characters
+Christy Romano as the voice of She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters

Since AEMH started airing on Disney XD, I thought it fitting to bring some of the former Disney Channel stars into better things, and I felt the former Kim Possible had the right pipes for voicing our favorite lady in green. I think she could own the role.

+Joe Mantegna as the voice of Nicholas Trask

Mantegna's played his fair share of gangsters on TV and film, so I thought he'd be a decent voice for the mobster who inadvertently made She-Hulk who she is today.

-John DiMaggio as Danny, his right-hand goon

+The new Masters of Evil
-Kari Wahlgren reprises her role as Amora the Enchantress

-Adrian Pasdar as the voice of Bullseye

A lot of people aren't that keen on Pasdar's take on Iron Man, but I'm surprised that no one's come up with him voicing Bullseye in a cartoon of any kind. I think he'd really 'kill' it!

-John DiMaggio as the voice of Deathurge

In casting DiMaggio as this obscure villain, I was thinking of his voice for another obscure villain (from DC), the Faceless Hunter on "Batman: The Brave and the Bold".

-April Stewart as the voice of Moonstone/Karla Sofen

I cast Stewart because A) ironically, she voiced Ms. Marvel in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games, and B) she voiced Selene in Wolverine and the X-Men, which would further strengthen the connections between that show and AEMH. Moonstone, in this continuity (according to crimsonhawk) was a former xenopsychologist for S.W.O.R.D., until the attack by the Kree embedded a Kree power stone in her chest. She feels great animosity towards Ms. Marvel because she feels the Avengers should've been there to keep them safe.

-Doug Erholtz as the voice of the Melter/Bruno Horgan

Erholtz has played his fair share of villains in many an anime dub, so for playing this obscure Iron Man villain, it should be a piece of cake.

-Wade Williams as the voice of the Shocker/Herman Schultz

For voicing my #1 favorite Spider-Man villain (and Marvel villain in general), I feel Williams would be perfect for the character. It's his voice that really does it, he can sound so annoyed that you can tell the guy's top is going to blow. In this continuity (as per crimsonhawk), Schultz designed the suits made for the Enforcers, and designed the Shocker suit so he could go into battle alongside them...until it was stolen by Montana.

Episode 3: Operation--Rescue
Pepper and Rhodey take Tony on a much-needed (according to them) vacation in Hawaii, but just as he finally gets settled enough to relax, one of the volcanoes on the island starts showing signs of an eruption, causing Tony to don his Iron Man armor (and Rhodey to don the War Machine armor) and go investigate. Tony and Rhodey discover it's part of a plan by one of Tony's enemies: Jonathan Darque, also known as the villain Magma (renamed Magmarizer to avoid confusion with the X-Men character of the same name). He's planning to set the volcano off to scare the inhabitants away so he can turn the island into his own resort (and nickel mining operation). Pepper, who had been listening in on their shared comm-line, finds in the hotel room something Tony had been saving for her, and jets off to join the fight in her new Rescue armor.
The episode also has a few sub-plots:
-Black Panther introduces a childhood friend of his in the form of Storm of the X-Men to many of the Avengers, who seem to already have heard of her.
-Wasp tries to reconcile her feelings for both Hank and, strangely enough, Yellowjacket.
-Spider-Man celebrates his 18th birthday with his Aunt May, May's friend Anna Watson, and Mary-Jane. Jennifer arrives to give him a present and take him out for a dinner date. Before he leaves, Mary-Jane tells him in private that she figured out he's Spider-Man.

#Featured characters
+Greg Grunberg as the voice of Magma/Jonathan Darque

Grunberg had been voicing Ant-Man (on The Super Hero Squad Show) and Uncle Ben (on Ultimate Spider-Man) at the time AEMH was on, so having him play a bad guy would give him something fun to work with. I mean, haven't a lot of actors said that playing the villain can be interesting?

+Dawn Olivieri returns as Pepper Potts, though this time around, she takes on the armored identity of Rescue.

+The remaining voices include a load of reprisals
-Susan Dalian returns as Storm (Wolverine and the X-Men)
-Bumper Robinson returns as War Machine (AEMH)
-Deborah Strange, Kath Soucie, and Vanessa Marshall (who already voices the Black Widow, Viper, and Anaconda on AEMH) reprise their roles as Aunt May, Anna Watson, and Mary-Jane Watson, respectively.

*Now come the episodes of my own design, based on some of the concept art bounced around the web.

Episode 4: Omega the Unknown
The team finds itself trying to safeguard a young but exceptionally bright boy named James-Michael Starling from a grave threat, initially believed to be an alien powerhouse called Omega. What is the secret behind Omega's connection to Starling, and why has it gotten the attention of MODOK and AIM?

#Featured characters
+Kyle McLachlan as the voice of Omega the Unknown

I thought it would be fitting for a Superman analogue to be voiced by a guy who's actually played Superman (he voiced him in Justice League: The New Frontier). Also, I think it would take someone of McLachlan's caliber, exhibited by his tenure on the delightfully odd Twin Peaks, to play a delightfully odd Steve Gerber creation.

+Sam Lerner as the voice of James-Michael Starling

Lerner's already voiced a precocious youngster in the form of Zak Saturday, so why not take it to the next level and voice a kid who's really mature for his age?

+Wally Wingert voices MODOK again

Episode 5: Saga of Crystar
While driving off an attempted siege of the second SHIELD subdivision known as A.R.M.O.R., the Hulk and AIM's newest weapon, the Super-Adaptoid, end up falling into an open gateway to another dimension. There, Hulk finds himself drawn into the war between the heroic Crystar and his band of freedom fighters, and his evil brother Moltar, who seeks to conquer Crystallium. The Super-Adaptoid, meanwhile, falls into the hands of Moltar and his ally, the evil wizard Zardeth. Meanwhile, the Avengers and ARMOR's techs try to repair their gateway system in order to bring the Hulk back.

#Featured characters
+Crispin Freeman as the voice of Crystar

Freeman's been a part of this new MAU since he's been the voice of Multiple Man and Maverick in Wolverine and the X-Men, and Electro on The Spectacular Spider-Man, not to mention on AEMH he plays the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang.

-Tara Platt as the voice of Ambara, the love of Crystar's life

-Dave Wittenberg as the voice of Warbow

-Dwight Schultz as the voice of Koth

*Schultz has already lent his voice to the show, voicing Technovore in the episode of the same name.

+Travis Willingham as the voice of Moltar

Willingham has a good variety of voices on his resume based on his anime work alone, so playing the evil of the two princes of Crystallium should be no trouble at all.

-Matt Frewer as the voice of Zardeth

Frewer's already got good experience playing a Marvel villain under his belt, having voiced the Leader in the 1996 Incredible Hulk cartoon series. I think he could really nail an 'evil wizard-type' like Zardeth.

Episode 6: Next Wave
The team decides to hold a recruiting drive to expand their roster (with reasons similar to those in the premiere episode of Justice League Unlimited). Two of the candidates are relatively new heroes Photon and Machine Man, who are partnered with Yellowjacket on a mission to fight a trio of industrial saboteurs in the form of Living Laser, Blizzard, and Firebrand (all Iron Man villains).

#Featured characters
+Danielle Nicolet as the voice of Photon/Monica Rambeau

At the time season 2 of AEMH, Nicolet was voicing Storm in the X-Men anime's English dub. She would later voice her again (and the Black Widow) in the Marvel Heroes game. In between, I think she could have made a decent Photon had she been on the show.

+Tom Kenny as the voice of Machine Man/"Aaron Stack"

Kenny was voicing Iron Man and Captain America, ironically enough, on The Super Hero Squad Show, so it wouldn't be a stretch to have him voice a character on AEMH. I picture a more upbeat version of his Fixit voice from Teen Titans.

+Drake Bell as the voice of Firebrand/Gary Gilbert

Now while a lot of people don't like his take on Spider-Man, I think it would've been a really interesting thing to see him play a supervillain, even someone as minor as Firebrand. In the context of the story, I see him as Iron Man's equivalent of the Captain America foe Flag-Smasher, where he blames the corporate system for burning his father and ruining the world at the same time. Bell's got the right voice for a radical like Gilbert.

+Additional voices
-Nolan North voices Living Laser again.
-As does Troy Baker for Blizzard.

Episode 7: Terror in the Third Dimension
A freak accident at a Stark Industries lab ends up bringing 3-D Man, a hero from the 1950's who disappeared at the end of that decade, back to our dimension. At the same time, an old enemy of his, the Cold War villain Electro (renamed Electroid to avoid confusion with the Spider-Man villain) awakens after decades in hiding.

#Featured characters
+Phil Morris as the voice of 3-D Man/Chuck Chandler

Morris already qualifies for voicing another character in the NuMAU, since he voiced Colossus in the opening episode of Wolverine and the X-Men (and would've voiced him had the show gotten a second season). I felt he could play a 1950's hero nicely, since he did the same thing when voicing King Faraday in Justice League: The New Frontier. In the episode, 3-D Man claims to have fought alongside Cap, hinting at the presence of William Burnside, the 1950's Captain America, in the show's universe.

+Peter Stormare as the voice of Electroid

Stormare's capable of doing multiple accents depending on his character, and for this obscure Atlas Comics-era villain, a Russian one should be no problem at all. (As of this fancast, it is known that he voiced Whiplash in the "Phineas and Pherb: Mission Marvel" special.)

Episode 8: Blood on the Moors
In a near-adaptation of the classic Roger Stern/John Byrne story of the same name, Captain America is called to England by his old ally from the WWII super-team the Invaders: Lord Montgomery Falsworth, the first to bear the mantle of Union Jack. He suspects that the nearby town has been under a nocturnal assault from their old vampire foe Baron Blood. On a recommendation from Spider-Man, Cap has Spidey's ally Morbius, the Living Vampire, join him on the trip. While there, he reunites with another fellow Invader, Jaqueline Falsworth-Crichton, the former superheroine Spitfire, along with her son Kenneth and his friend Joey Chapman (who later becomes the third Union Jack).

#Featured characters
+Clive Revill as the voice of Union Jack/Lord Montgomery Falsworth

Revill definitely has comic book character experience, as not only was he the first voice of Alfred for Batman: The Animated Series, but he was the voice of Doctor Doom for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. I think he could do fine as a former super-hero in retirement.

-Sarah Douglas as the voice of Lady Jaqueline Falsworth-Crichton, the former Spitfire

Douglas only lent her voice to one Marvel cartoon (I've mostly heard her in DC-based stuff), the former love of MODOK in the 90's Iron Man episode "Enemy Without, Enemy Within", so bringing her in as an actual established character might be a good move, and it would bring her comic book character count (in terms of voiceover, not counting Ursa from Superman II) to four (those characters being said former wife of MODOK, Mala in her second "Superman: The Animated Series" appearance, and Scar in "Green Lantern: The Animated Series").

-Greg Ellis as the voice of Kenneth Crichton

*It should be noted that Ellis lent his voice to AEMH in an earlier episode, reprising his role as Rocket Raccoon in "Michael Korvac".

-Robin Atkin Downes as the voice of Union Jack/Joey Chapman

Downes has lent his voice to a lot of Marvel video games, voicing characters such as Moon Knight, the Crimson Dynamo, and even Cyclops of the X-Men. Of course, here on AEMH, he's the voice of Baron Zemo and the Abomination. Here, he'd get to use his natural British accent, or at least the East-end variation.

-Liam O'Brien as the voice of Morbius the Living Vampire

O'Brien is another established voice from the NuMAU, having voiced Nightcrawler, Angel, and Nitro in Wolverine and the X-Men. He's also voiced other Marvel characters, mostly in video games, such as the Shocker and Electro in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

+Tim Curry as the voice of Baron Blood/John Falsworth

Curry's already played a couple of monsters before (see "Legend" or dare I say it "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"), so playing the good baron would be amusing, and he plays a vampire for once. (Another creature of the night checked off....)

Episode 9: Impossible
The Impossible Man, tired of being a nuisance to the Fantastic Four, decides to spice up his day by hanging with the Avengers. Unfortunately, it's clear he misses the F4, since he then bestows Yellowjacket, Wasp, Cap, and Hulk with powers similar to theirs, just to amuse himself.

#Featured characters
+Billy West as the voice of the Impossible Man

Impy is one character I can imagine West having a lot of fun with. I picture a performance similar to when he voiced the Monkey King on Jackie Chan Adventures.

+The Fantastic Four
-Dee Bradley Baker returns as Mr. Fantastic
-Erin Torpey returns as the Invisible Woman
-David Kaufman returns as the Human Torch
-Fred Tatasciore voices the Thing again

Episode 10: Demolisher
HYDRA scientists stumble upon Deathlok, a cyborg soldier from the far future (and a former trooper named Luther Manning). Baron Strucker has it reprogrammed to hunt down and destroy all those who opposed him during World War II, beginning with Nick Fury and ending with Captain America. The only one who can help them is a cyberneticist held captive by HYDRA, one Dr. Michael Collins.

#Featured characters
+Adam Baldwin as the voice of Deathlok/Luther Manning

Baldwin's voiced a lot of DC characters lately, so I thought a Marvel character would break it up a bit. Once I do a "Wolverine and the X-Men: Season 2" fancast, I plan to cast him as the voice of Cable.

+Rodney Saulsberry as the voice of Dr. Michael Collins

Many of you might know him as the voice of Joe Robertson in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon, or Rhodey in the 2006 "Invincible Iron Man" animated feature. I think he'd have the right voice for the man who, in the comics, becomes the Deathlok of the present.

Episodes 11-12: Future Imperfect, Parts 1-2

In a loose adaptation of the Peter David story of the same name, a group of Avengers and X-Men from an alternate future bring the Hulk of the present to their time in order to stop their world's overlord: a being calling himself the Maestro, who is an older version of the Hulk who became power-mad.

#Featured characters
+The Avengers and X-Men
-Kieren van den Blink as the voice of Rogue Marvel/Anna Marie

In this timeline, the Maestro found a means of taking down most of his opposition, and turned one of his specifically-designed devices on Ms. Marvel, which brought her to the brink of death. With her last ounce of strength, she has the X-Man known as Rogue absorb both her powers and her mind. The two of them share a body, and interact in a manner similar to DC's Firestorm. I figured since KVDB voiced Rogue in Wolverine and the X-Men, she could voice this alternate version. (Jennifer Hale still voices Carol Danvers.)

-Rocky Carroll as the voice of Giant-Man/Bill Foster

Carroll's actually lent his voice to a Marvel cartoon before, when he voiced Triton of the Inhumans in the 1994 Fantastic Four cartoon's second season. I actually suggested him to MaddMonkk to use him as Foster in his Champions fancast, and I thought it was so good I decided to use him for this. Within the context of the story, one of the Maestro's other victims was Yellowjacket, so his former lab assistant Bill Foster, with Wasp's blessing, donned the size-changing equipment and became the second Giant-Man.

-Steven Blum, Liam O'Brien, and Susan Dalian voice Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Storm again, respectively.

-Bill Faggerbakke as the voice of Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski

Faggerbakke is also an established voice for the NuMAU, having voiced Morrie Bench (the future Hydro-Man) in the second season of The Spectacular Spider-Man. Voicing a signature member of Alpha Flight should pose no problem for him.

+Fred Tatasciore of course would voice the Maestro.

+Carl Lumbly as the voice of Uatu the Watcher

In terms of Marvel experience, Lumbly voiced S'yan in the Black Panther motion comic, but here I think his experience voicing Martian Manhunter would be put to good use. Uatu intervenes to help Hulk and the others figure out how to defeat the Maestro once and for all, by giving them the location of Doctor Doom's time platform.

Episode 13: Captain Universe

During a battle with the Growing Man, Wasp ends up becoming the next recipient of the Uni-Power, turning her into the latest Captain Universe.

Episode 14: The Spaceknights
The Spaceknights of Galador contact the Avengers for their help in repelling their longtime foes, the shape-shifting Dire Wraiths.

#Featured characters
+Michael Dorn as the voice of ROM

Dorn is no stranger to sci-fi, nor is he a stranger to Marvel characters, having voiced Gorgon of the Inhumans in the 90's Fantastic Four, and Ronan the Accuser on The Super Hero Squad Show. He has the right voice to play the most legendary of the Spaceknights.

-Juliet Landau as the voice of Ikon

I thought Landau would be a good voice for the more recent of the named Spaceknights, and by far (thanks to the Annihilators mini-series) the most prominent female one.

+Jane Carr as the voice of Volx, queen of the Dire Wraiths

Carr's had a decent amount of Marvel characters to work with, having voiced Lady Dorma in the Namor-centric episode of the 90's Fantastic Four, and Moira MacTaggert in the X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse video game.

15. New Blood
The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, the children of Magneto, appeal to join the Avengers to atone for the things they did at the behest of their father (seen in season one of Wolverine and the X-Men). Both are made probationary members, but end up in a trial by fire when the team finds itself up against the Grim Reaper's Lethal Legion, which has a new member: a resurrected Wonder Man, via Black Talon's magics. Wanda's powers end up countering Black Talon's, and as a result, Wonder Man is restored fully to normal, allowing him to turn on the Lethal Legion. The siblings, along with Wonder Man, are invited to join the main roster of the Avengers. At the end of the episode, Hawkeye reveals his and Iron Man's plans to start up a branch of the team on the West Coast. Wonder Man decides to join them, feeling that now that his company is safely a subsidiary of Stark Industries, he could try and pursue an old dream of his: an acting career.

#Featured characters
+Kate Higgins and Mark Hildreth reprise their roles as the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, respectively.

+Phil LaMarr voices Wonder Man again

+Greg Eagles as the voice of Black Talon/Samuel Barone

Eagles voiced Luke Cage in the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game, and of course most of you know him better as the voice of Grim in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I think he could easily do the voice for this voodoo master.

+Additional voices
-Lance Henriksen voices the Grim Reaper again
-Nika Futterman (Sif in this show) voices Nekra
-Kevin Michael Richardson voices Man-Ape
-Troy Baker voices Goliath/Erik Josten

Episode 16: The West Coast Avengers
Hawkeye and Iron Man organize the west coast branch of the Avengers, in a compound located in California. The team is made up of Hawkeye himself, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, the Black Widow (a nod to her time in San Francisco with Daredevil and LA with the Champions), Falcon, Doc Samson, Quake, and new members Tigra and Stingray. They find themselves coming to the aid of a famous stunt-master known by the moniker of the Human Fly, whose stunts are being sabotaged by agents of the Maggia branch run by Count Nefaria.

#Featured characters
+The WCA's
-Chris Cox, Elizabeth Daily, Phil LaMarr, Vanessa Marshall, Lance Reddick, Cam Clarke, and Lacey Chabert voice Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Black Widow, Falcon, Doc Samson, and Quake, respectively.

-Danica McKellar as the voice of Tigra/Greer Grant Nelson

The only other Marvel characters she's voiced up till now are the Invisible Woman (in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and its sequel) and Jubilee (in the first X-Men Legends game--or was that the second?). Based on her performance as Miss Martian on Young Justice, I think she could be great as Tigra. In this continuity, Tigra was recommended by the Fantastic Four (based on her encounter with them when the Frightful Four almost defeated the team).

-Jason Marsden as the voice of Stingray/Walter Newell

Marsden was voicing Nova on The Super Hero Squad Show at the time AEMH was in its second season. For voicing Stingray, I picture his voice for Duke from G.I. Joe: Renegades.

+Bruce Campbell as the voice of the Human Fly

If there's anyone bombastic enough to play a daredevil stunt performer with a heart of gold, it's Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell. I see this as a nod to all of his cameos in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films.

+Maurice LaMarche as the voice of Count Nefaria

LaMarche is a voiceover veteran with a lot of impressions and characters at his disposal. I'm certain he could come up with a memorable take on the Count. I actually imagine him doing his best James Brolin when playing Nefaria.

Episode 17: The Devil, You Say....
Mephisto, using the villain Master Pandemonium as his puppet, turns the Avengers into different types of monsters to use as his own personal army. Only the combined efforts of the Scarlet Witch, the Vision, Doctor Strange, Daimon Hellstrom, and Ghost Rider can stop them.

#Featured characters
+James Horan as the voice of Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange

Horan voiced him in the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game, and I did use him in my fancast for a TV series based on the Matt Fraction run of "The Defenders".

+Travis Willingham as the voice of Daimon Hellstrom

My reasons for casting him as Moltar apply here as well.

+Nathan Fillion as the voice of Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze

This would be the first time Blaze appeared in animation with a full role. Before that, you had Danny Ketch appear in both the 90's Fantastic Four and Incredible Hulk cartoons. If there's anyone who I think would do the character justice, it's Fillion. (Either him, or James Marsters.)

+Carlos Alazraqui as the voice of Master Pandemonium/Martin Preston

I think Alazraqui could find a decent way to portray this obscure villain, especially as the nutcase the guy is written as.

+John Noble as the voice of Mephisto

Like I stated in my "Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Dark Design" fancast, and that of "Iron Man: Legacy of Doom", I was inspired by Noble's turn as Unicron in Transformers: Prime. Just so RoadDogXXIV doesn't complain, here's a sampling of what I mean:

After hearing that, TELL ME Noble wouldn't make a good Mephisto.

And there ya have it--an idea for a third season of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Assembled they are strong--forever fight as one:
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