THE AVENGERS Star Samuel L. Jackson Isn't Too Impressed By The DC Films Universe

THE AVENGERS Star Samuel L. Jackson Isn't Too Impressed By The DC Films Universe

Is Samuel L. Jackson concerned about the rivalry between Marvel and DC movie fans? Hit the jump for his comments on that and why he thinks it's Warner Bros. rather than Marvel that needs to be worrying...

When Collider's Steve Weintraub recently caught up with Samuel L. Jackson to discuss Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, he made the mistake of wearing a Superman t-shirt. After apologising for doing so, Jackson replied by dryly stating, "If you want to be in that world, that’s on you." The conversation then turned to whether or not the actor pays any attention to the Marvel vs. DC rivalry among fans online, and after saying he's had the odd look, he added: "Success breeds contempt."

The interviewer then pointed out how daft it is that fans argue over the two different worlds and asked why both Marvel and DC movies can't be good. Jackson was of course quick to jump on that point and took a pretty good shot at Warner Bros.' efforts so far. "Isn’t that a question that people at DC are asking themselves? I don’t think the Marvel people are asking themselves that question."

The actor did however say that he's hoping Wonder Woman will be good (but mostly because a friend of his trained Gal Gadot) before more seriously pointing out that there's room for everyone. "I think there’s room for everyone to exist out here. The fact that it’s not working or doesn’t work, or people want a specific thing, that’s what makes the movies the movies and audiences audiences. Hopefully (DC) will make one of those movies one of these days and it’ll be as big as a Marvel movie." 

What do you guys think of Jackson's comments? As always, be sure to share your thoughts below.
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