THE AVENGERS To Be Released In India Before The US?

THE AVENGERS To Be Released In India Before The US?

Apparently Joss Whedon's highly anticipated superhero team up movie will hit India a full week before the United States..

Release dates seem to cause a bit of a stir here on CBM, even when it's just a few days in the difference. But It seems that India will get to sample (arguably) the most anticipated CBM of all time before the the US, on the same day the Brits do. At least according to

New Delhi: American superhero film "Avengers" will release in India April 27 next year, a week before its release in the US.

In India, the marketing plan for the film will include a roll-out with UTV network and Disney network hosting "Avengers" trailer roadblock on the channel at 6.15 p.m. Sunday.

This seems to be on the level and is being reported by various other sites, but of course without confirmation it's just hearsay. Either way it's not exactly a big deal, but interesting nonetheless. Anyone fancy booking flights to India?


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