The best and most badass .gifs of the women of the cbm genre.

The best and most badass .gifs of the women of the cbm genre.

In recent times, the superhero genre has given us some pretty amazing female characters.To celebrate this influx, i will use gifs, to examine there beauty and power. First up, is the MCU.

The comicbookmovie franchise has given us a new host of female superheroes. Although they ahrdly the first, there writing and personality have improved, in recent years (in my opinion). I thought it was time to celebrate the female characters of the super hero genre, through gifs that show there beauty, power, and personality. Especially since wonder woman is coming out (arguably one of the greatest female characters ever) first I will do the mcu, and then fox, and then dceu. I may also do couples eventually. 


Black widow

Not bad.

Scarlet witch

Scarlet witch is probaly one of the most powerful people in the mcu. Able to fling telekenetic energy

She is a very tragic character. Used by ultron, Parents killed by stark. And now her brother is dead.

Still very powerful. 

I look forward to seeing how her character will evolve. She was eaten up in civil war and AoU, so i would put her in either a vision, new avengers, black widow or dr strange film to shine. 


The most sane guardian member. She is known as one of the deadliest assasins in the universe

I can already tell she will have a place in infinity war.

Other woman

I would love to through gifs for the rest, but i have work to do. So lets give an applause for the rest. 

Let us not forget, the first shield agent, Agent peggy carter.

The underused lady sif

Underrated Maria Hill


Miss Sharon Carter


Darcy who doesent have a gif

If you feel like i missed anyone post below me. Next i will either do marvel netflix and tv, or fox. And someday dceu.

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