The Infinity Gauntlet. What Does This Mean For Marvel Movies?

The Infinity Gauntlet. What Does This Mean For Marvel Movies?

With the unveiling of the infamous Infinity Gauntlet at SDCC, many people want to know, what does this mean for the direction of Marvel's movie universe? This is my opinion of the topic.

As most of you know by now, the Infinity Gauntlet was unveiled at SDCC, and it looks awesome! I've seen a lot of people posting in the comments section and wondering if this means Thanos will be in the Avengers, or if Marvel is gearing up for an Infinity Gauntlet film adaptation. What I'm about to say is my opinion, and my opinion only.

First of all, lets look at the first thing that popped into most people's minds: Will Thanos be in "The Avengers," and will The Infinity Gauntlet be the huge threat that brings these heroes together. In my humble opinion, I have to give a gigantic "NO!" It does not mean this at all. In fact, it would make little, to no sense. For those not familiar with it, lets look at the facts of what the Infinity Gauntlet is, and what its capable of...

1. The Infinity Gems. There are six of these gems, each has a distinct color and power. The green soul gem grants the power over the soul, orange is time, purple is space, blue is mind, yellow is reality, and red is power. Each gem, in and of themselves, has a vast amount of power, and grant the user with the power to control and manipulate each one of these things. When collected and mounted in a gauntlet, the combined gems become a weapon of unimaginable power, and grant the user control over every aspect of the gems. The wearer can warp reality to their fitting, manipulate time, and so on. Not even the combined power of the cosmic gods are enough to defeat such a weapon.

2. In "The Infinity Gauntlet," Thanos killed half of the entire living population in the entire universe in hopes of making Death fall in love with him. He did this with nothing more than a thought.

3. Adam Warlock got the aid of the rest of the living earth-bound heroes, as well as the help of many of the cosmic gods, and led an attack on Thanos. Needless to say, Thanos could have wiped the floor with every last one of them, but his arrogance led to his downfall when he allowed the heroes to have less than a 1% chance of defeating him. This, along with the unexpected betrayal of his zombified sister Nebula, was enough to bring him down.

Now, knowing those facts, would you want this to be the threat in "The Avengers" movie? I know I don't. Alone, The Avengers would have no chance whatsoever of defeating something like that. In the comic, Thanos was turning them into glass statues, desintegrating people like Captain America, and making others outright cease to exist. All with a thought. If this turned out to be the threat in the Avengers, it would need to include the cosmic characters and gods, and they just simply haven't been introduced. In fact, nothing about the cosmic side of things has been introduced yet, and this needs to be done first. And not in some half-assed explanation. There need to be entire movies about the cosmic universe before this is even considered. So if the gauntlet is the threat, and The Avengers defeat it all by their lonesome, then it will be a horrendously watered down version of the Gauntlet, on par with "The Dark Phoenix" in X3. I don't think anyone wants that, do they?

Onto the second thing that is on people's minds. Is Marvel gearing up for an Infinity Gauntlet movie? This seems more logical to me, even though, realistically, it would have to be many years before we see it. There are simply too many characters, and too much backstory and exlanations of the cosmic side of the MU for this story to take place anytime soon. I would love for Marvel to start exploring the cosmic side of things as soon as possible. Kevin Feige has already stated that he would like to explore this. So, maybe after a few years of movies, we'll finally be in a position to make a movie as epic as The Infinity Gauntlet would warrant, but that time is not now.

I believe that the Gauntlet in Thor will be nothing more than an easter egg, and they may possibly mention its power, but I don't expect it to be anything of importance for quite some time. Also, I would rather have the Infinity Gauntlet take place in its own movie crossover, outside of the Avengers franchise. Just like the comics, it should have its own name, and not take place as an Avengers sequel. The Avengers have too many villains of their own to explore to take up a sequel with this.

In short, I think they should make The Infinity Gauntlet movie as a stand-alone movie, with characters from all of Marvel's movies involved. Make it EPIC, Marvel, or don't make it at all!

Sorry for the length, but I felt it was necessary considering the amount of comments that mentioned they didn't know much about the Gauntlet. I hope you all enjoyed this article and I hope to hear your comments below. And remember, keep it respectful like! EXCELSIOR!!!!!!!!

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