The Timeline of The Avengers Lead Up Films

The Timeline of <em>The Avengers</em> Lead Up Films

CookiePussProduction outlines the road to The Avengers!

It is pretty obvious to everyone now that "The Avengers" is being turned into a film adaption and before that happens the members of the team are getting films based on them to set them up for "The Avengers."

As im sure everyone is aware of as well, is that the lead up films are "Iron Man", "The Incredible Hulk", "Iron Man 2", "Thor", and "The First Avenger: Captain America".

Now, a big topic of conversation is sometimes what exact order they all are in before "The Avengers" takes place. Not the order of release of the films, but the chronological order of the stories leading up to "The Avengers." Here's what I think:

1. The First Avenger: Captain America - Obviously Cap's big screen adaption would happen first since the story takes place in 1942 and we all know that the others dont come until much later. The only thing from the Cap film that will take place right before "The Avengers" is the ending.

2. Iron Man - This would be the obvious next chapter considering Nick Fury creates "The Avenger Initiative" in this.

3. Iron Man 2 - Iron Man 2 takes place only 6 months after the first film, and we all know The Incredible Hulk does not happen before or after the two Iron Man films.

4. Thor - Thor would seem to make most sense to happen right after Iron Man 2, just generally because it just does.

5. The Incredible Hulk - Because Tony Stark apparently says no to "The Avenger Initiative" in Iron Man 2, but is all the sudden forming it in The Incredible Hulk definantly gives away the fact that Hulk MUST take place after Iron Man 2, and it has been stated that the ending of The Incredible Hulk with Bruce Banner meditating into The Hulk, is meant to lead right into The Avengers. Some even say it may be revealed that Loki is controlling him in that scene which would make it seem like The Incredible Hulk is, in fact, the final lead up film.

6. The Avengers!

What do you guys think?
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