Theories Behind The Production Of "Phase Two"

Theories Behind The Production Of "Phase Two"

People have been dismayed at some of the choices to direct Phase 2 movies. Here is my theories why Marvel is going after Television directors/writers.

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Marvel shocked many fans when they announced who would be helming a majority of Phase 2. These people were either relatively unknown, or were known for writing/directing/producing TV shows. Now why did marvel do this, instead of go with a bigger name? Some have theorized that the whole reasoning behind it is they are trying to be cheap, and these guys come pretty cheap. I disagree with this position, and here is why:

When a studio wants to make a movie cheap they will hire a studio director. This is a director or a writer, who has been hired by the studio only so they can write/direct movies that are being given to them. This can be seen with Will Beal writing the Justice League film, and Zach Snyder directing Man of Steel (yes he is a studio director, look at most of his projects.) However i will admit that WAS a smart move. Also these directors, especially Alan Taylor and the Russo brothers work with relatively popular television shows. (Community and Game of Thrones) In order to work on These films, they have to take a break from their own jobs, which means they will want more money. If you are already being paid large for making a TV show why go on to a movie if the pay is LOWERED? James Gunn would possibly be the cheapest of all, but then why hire the guy who most recently has done R-Rated films for your PG-13 space epic? Marvel obviously sees something in him. And Edgar Wright ain't cheap because he became somewhat A-list with Tin-Tin. Now here are some reason I feel Joss Whedon along with Taylor and the Russo brothers were chosen for Phase 2.

It takes multiple minds to create comic book universe. Each character needs a distinct universe to live in while still being able to connect those worlds to something else. Such as Thor and Iron man, two different worlds, different feelings. But then in Avengers you saw those clash and it felt natural. The reason being.they had a television writer at the helm. You see TV shows normally have different writers/directors, sometimes those writers/directors are indistinguishable, because they writing in the voice of the show, or directing it. They do not interject there own “unique” vision into it and try to ruin continuity by doing so. This is why the Television producers are important in these films, because they understand how to write in the “shows” voice, and make sure there is a stable continuity. (something Kenneth Branaugh and his people didn’t think about while ending the first Thor movie) having a massive change in continuity can fuck up the entire show. Phase 1 had many of these little hiccups. Marvel is resolving this. Each phase is like a season of a TV show the movies are episodes, Joss and Kevin are the show-runners and Avengers 2 is the season finale.
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