...and when you come down from your epic high you will know what I say is true

Avengers Assemble! Pictures, Images and Photos

You have read the reviews which are overwhelmingly positive for the Avengers. It is sitting pretty with 93% on Rotten Tomatoes which is a damn good place to be (although TDK is 94%). Joss Whedon has executed a nearly flawless comic book movie...but I reiterate 'nearly', my friends, because this movie is not without flaw. This may hurt at first, but one day, when the epicness wears off, and we all come down from this unprecedented high, you will know that what I say is true. I am not a Nolanite, or a Nolanite spy come to rain on your parade. I am a Marvel guy, and a steadfast Whedonite since I first laid eyes on Firefly. My problems with the Avengers are as follows:

1)Captain America's suit. It was was embarrassing and unnecessary. The helmet looked ridiculous. The bright blue polyester with bright red moon boots and moon gloves? Why? There were moments when he was wearing the bright blue weird outfit and everyone else is sitting around in their brown and navy blue street clothes. Coulson tried to explain to Steve and the audience why he should wear it, but it still didn't make sense. They weren't fighting Nazis, or Al Quaida, or any foreign nation. I'm sorry Chris Evans, you should have had military fatigue pants, combat boots, Blue and grey top with star. Similar to this:


2)Weird camera angle shots. These were mostly towards the beginning of movie with the camera looking up from Sam Jackson's shoes. This reminded me of (and I am so sorry) Michael Bay. Not so much Transformers, think circa Bad Boys. Photobucket
(and why does Nick Fury dress like Shaft. Shouldnt he wear something slightly military?

3)The Other looked like a character out of Power Rangers (admit it) and the cheesy villain voice in the cheesy looking negative zone. I expected more.

4) And the Chitauri. I get that their role were to be goons that our superheroes could flex their muscle on; but could there not have been a couple of elite Chitauri that had superior skill sets, that were more formidable, that look cooler than the rest(think Spike from Gremlins or Boba Fett). Avengers alien race is the chitauri! Pictures, Images and Photos

5) enough with the blue laser beams. its been done. it looks cheesy and...and just stop.

6) too much stark playing with holographic computer images with his hands. It was cool in Minority Report. Its played out now. Photobucket

Anyway, those are my 6 minor complaints. My next article will be the 1001 things that I loved about the Avengers. ENjoy hating on this article, but do try to rise to a decent level of respect with your comments.
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