Who Should Be Villains In S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Who Should Be Villains In S.H.I.E.L.D.?

What villains will be best to feature in the SHIELD tv series? Here are my opinions.

Now we all know of a little TV series hitting our screens this year; SHIELD!
We know the heroes of the show, a new cast as well as recurring favorites, but what we do not know is the villains of the piece.

There are two ways they can go with this. Firstly they can have a villain of the week type form showcasing villains from throughout the Marvel Universe. Characters like Batroc the leaper or Bullseye could be used effectively here. They could even bring in someone like the leader with Tim Blake Nelson reprising his role. These would be cheap ways to expand the universe and increase the rogues gallery in the MCU even using some villains again in the films with the same actors reprising their roles.

The second way to include the villains is to have an overarching story line like arrow does. Have a villain like the Kingpin (Marvel has the rights back now) to control most the criminals of the city and get SHIELD to try to break up the organisation. Throw in some film organisations like HYDRA, AIM or ROXXON oil, and some new ones such as the Hand or the Serpents Society.

Now for the two villains I would like to be included:

A woefully underused character in film and not portrayed correctly in Daredevil, this villain would be perfect for the SHIELD TV series. As well as requiring no CGI or expensive effects and giving our heroes a character who will pose quite a physical threat, Bullseye will leave fans satisfied and general viewers invested in the series. He could be the villain who always get's away being a constant nuisance to the SHIELD team, hired by the Kingpin to take out various people.

The hood
The hood like the Kingpin can be the villain of the whole series, employing other villains to do the dirty work for him whilst he searches for a better source of power. SHIELD could be tracking him so he has to keep throwing more villains like the wrecking crew at them to try to slow them down until he finds something like the norn stones.

Share your thoughts below and tell me what villains you would like to see in the new SHIELD series!
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