Will the Avengers be based on Classic or Ultimate Marvel?

Will the Avengers be based on Classic or Ultimate Marvel?

The coming of The Avengers has been marked already with many questions and interrogations but the biggest one is probably “Classic or Ultimate” line. I´ll try to answer it…

Before we get to know the answer to that, we must have seen the solo movies.
But they are all very confusing also; they have mixed details of each Universe. Let´s see the main ones:
The suits are always a font of decision in these matters - in the case of Iron Man, he explicitly wears the classic suit; Hulk is Hulk; Captain America seems to be adopted more from the Ultimate one for obvious reasons and Thor has been clearly based on Classic otherwise we wouldn´t have a cape or helmet. Now, Nick Fury is clearly Ultimate.

Another factor on the line is the ideology of which one, thing that seems to be on Classic side this time- Tony is always Tony; Hulk seems not to be “cannibal” like some may describe him in the Ultimate version; Steve seems to have more empathy for life than his Ultimate counterpart and the Odinson is out of no doubt (yet again) based on Classic line in this because he´s no hippie nor pacifist, much the contrary. Maybe the only thing it has from the latter version is that no one believes he´s really the God of Thunder.

There´s so many factors that can determinate the general version of each movie but the primary ones are these.
Now, reviewing the trailer, we can see that Thor maybe really ports the Ultimate suit because sometimes we see no cape, Hawkeye is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and we are all yet to see what the hell is the army of Loki and with that, maybe we can have an answer.

But better than wait for another trailer or be waiting for actors to misspeak (like the little girl of the Dark Knight Rises that let go she was Talia Al´Gul) is to wait for the movie itself, there we can see what it will really be: Classic, Ultimate or will make the unexpected (probably more expected for any director who is on a project like this) and make some of his own versions?

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