Will the Hulk Be Naked in The Avengers?

Will the Hulk Be Naked in <i>The Avengers</i>?

We might just see a naked green giant in next summer's superhero blockbuster! Hit the jump for details!

Mark Ruffalo, the actor who will play both Bruce Banner and the Hulk (through motion-capture technology), has just tweeted that there is a possibility that the Hulk might be showing off his birthday suit in Marvel Studios' 2012 film The Avengers. Here is the exact tweet:

Now keep in mind that this tweet could be a joke as a response to the recent Avengers promo poster where the Hulk appears to be wearing no pants.

So what do you guys think? Do you believe that the Hulk will be doing more streaking than smashing in the upcoming movie? And if so, what do you think the purpose of him being naked might be? Leave your thoughts below!
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