THE 100 Actress Lindsey Morgan Has Reportedly Auditioned For The Role Of BATGIRL - UPDATE

THE 100 Actress Lindsey Morgan Has Reportedly Auditioned For The Role Of BATGIRL - <font color=red>UPDATE</font>

Is Lindsey Morgan in line to play Barbara Gorgon in Warner Bros.' upcoming Batgirl movie? That remains to be seen, but The 100 actress has seemingly auditioned for the role at any rate. More past the jump.

Despite director Joss Whedon stepping away from the project, Warner Bros. is still moving ahead with a solo Batgirl movie. Christina Hodson was recently brought on board to work on the script, and now we may have some news on one of the actresses in line to play Barbara Gordon.

According to a Brazilian fan-account for Lindsey Morgan, the 28 year-old The 100 actress has revealed that she auditioned to play the DC Comics heroine at a convention and is now waiting to hear back from the studio.

The Tweet roughly translates as: “Present at Convention Space Walkers 3 in Paris, Lindsey Morgan said she auditioned to play Batgirl in theaters and is waiting only for the producers.”

We only have the one source for this, so don't put too much stock in it until we find out more - however, it is worth noting that there has previously been speculation that Morgan might have been linked to the role thanks to this Tweet that she sent out soon after the movie was announced.

Whoever winds up donning the cap 'n cowl of Batgirl, she will most likely debut as the character in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie which will be helmed by Cathy Yan.

UPDATE: Turns out this is old news! A website called Skript actually first reported it over two months ago, so while there's a chance that Morgan is still a contender for the role, this makes it a lot more unlikely.
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