2012 Prophesies: The Dark Knight Rises - Part 3

2012 Prophesies: The Dark Knight Rises - Part 3

Despite some probable flaws, The Dark Knight Rises will probably still rock our socks off.

I previously had just torn Nolan a new one in my last article. Now let’s look at reasons that will make The Dark Knight Rises a huge film worthy of all of its IMAX glory.

I’ll just start out by posting the trailer. I know the “I came” guys will love this.

Now that I got your attention, let’s see the things The Dark Knight Rises is going for it.

First is of course Nolan’s past successes. The Dark Knight and Inception were huge films. Just the people bouncing back from those two movies will secure about 300 million for the film.
Second, the teasing and advertising for this film is getting much more notice than I think the Dark Knight did. Unlike the Dark Knight, whose predecessor was not as well known, this one has a great following. Many people I talked to that like The Dark Knight never saw Batman Begins until afterwards. That’s very interesting. But this movie for sure is no longer an unknown. People know it’s coming out, and that’s what really counts for opening weekend records.

Third: IMAX. Nolan has made a point of doing this movie in as much IMAX as possible. While a lot of people still resist 3D for the headaches and gimmicks that it inspires, IMAX is respected by all. This film will be visually stunning and audibly explosive for sure. If The Dark Knight Rises can break from “blockbuster” to “experience,” then it’ll be up there with the best of James Cameron in buzz and box office.

The fourth big thing for this film is scale. The trailer shows a battle on Wall Street, a mansion getting torn apart, a football field collapsing, Bane holding a broken Batman mask, and has a crazy chanting thing accompanying it. This film will be much bigger in scope than Inception or The Dark Knight. That whole truck flipping scene or that rotating hallway scene will be nothing compared to the huge action sets we are bound to have here.

Fifth is the fact that Nolan intends to conclude the trilogy. Don’t expect any cheap cliffhangers or teasers in this one. Nolan will end it. This is the Return of the Jedi, Return of the King, Last Crusade, Deathly Hallows part 2, and ultimate send off to Nolan’s Batman. Expect people to be killed off. Expect the unexpected. There will be casualties. But there will also be closure. It’ll wrap up epically and nicely, mark my words. I don’t think this will feel anti-climatic for such a good franchise.

The sixth thing is that the cast is great as always. Christian Bale is now an Oscar winner. Michael Cane, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and hopefully Cillian Murphy are all great performers. We also have the lovely Marion Cotillard being added to the roster along with Anne Hathaway. I’d like to point out Joseph Gordon-Levitt especially. He’s got a charisma to him. He’s always memorable in his films. I don’t know what his role is in this film, but it’ll be great for sure.

And finally there’s Bane. Say what you want about his mask or his voice, but one thing I got from the prologue is that he is menacing. Batman has never faced a villain like this before in film (especially the fake Bane in the movie that must not be named). Batman finally has a villain that can challenge him both mentally and physically. My only complaint about the Joker in the last film is that he didn’t really brawl with Batman, he just kind of did that helicopter arms thing. Expect a much better fight here. Batman is going to be heavily bruised at least by the end of this film. Also, since watching Warrior with Tom Hardy in it, I realized how good he really was as both an actor and as a menacing and complex brute. He may be shorter than Bale technically, but he’ll still look like a giant compared to Batman.

After everything considered, I think The Dark Knight Rises will be a safe bet this summer.

Next time, I’ll discuss one of The Dark Knight Rises’ contender… The Avengers.
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