Arkham: The T.V series

A realistic take on a Television series circulating around Arkham Asylum.

Arkham would be a mature adult show that would be on HBO or Showtime. It would follow the Story of Jeremiah Arkham reopening the new Arkham Asylum. Jeremiah is looking to really help people and believe he can. With the help of the Gotham council including Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordan. They approve and believe Jeremiah is trying to do right but Jeremiah is slowly loosing grip of his new facility. This would not follow the continuity of the other films or comics, it would be a bunch of ideas from the comics.

Sharlto seemed to capture how I See Arkham in District 9. A nerdy man who is just trying to do right. Sharlto has not done enough work, in my opinion. He is so good and deserves a leading roles again.

The other star of the show would be new Inmate Warren White. We would see him slowly turn into the Great White Shark. Warren would show the prospective of being a new inmate in the new asylum. Dominic West can play a guy that is charming at first but turns into a disturbed man.

The staff of Arkham would also be regulars on the series. Arron Cash and Dr.Alyce would get the most screen time out of the staff. Keith David would be head of security,Arron Cash the man who loses his hand to Croc. He looks the part and is older in this show like in most the books. Eliza Dushku would play the now normal Dr. Alyce Sinner. Arkham has a lot of hope for her and a little crush. She had to be tough and attractive, Eliza Dushku can do both. Hugo strange would be staff member of the Asylum in this carnation. Alfred Molina would be brilliant as him. Kristen Bell would play pre crazy Harley. That is just a fan favorite and I like it. I would like to think that this place "Arkham" is what makes most of these normal people turn into villains,besides Cash.

There would be a battle to run the Arkham Inmates between Albert Falcone aka Holiday and Two Face. Warren White would be stuck in between that power struggle. Jon Hamm has a perfect face for Havey Dent. to be honest same goes for Micheal Imperiolli as Falcone. It is just a bonus of how could they are as actors.

Their would be core group of regulars we see on the show. Tony Todd as a more realistic Killer Croc would be one. He has the voice and the height to play a killer with a sharp teeth and a skin disease. Mr.Zsasz would be seen a lot as well, Walton Goggins has the look and the creepiness to play that recurring role. Something about Death Rattle was always cool. He ran a Cult and was so creepy. Tommy Flanagan from Sons of Anarchy would be a cool choice to see him show up in most episodes.

Another group of regular inmates but have a little mor CGI involved would be Clayface,Poisen Ivy and Doodlebug. John Dimaggio is by far one of my favorite voice actors, he is great as Bender,Marcus Phoenix and Jake from Adventure Time. He is perfect for Clayface. For Ivy I needed someone sexy but can do some good acting as well, Blalock would deliver. She is sexy and I could see her locked up and getting evaluated by Kirsten Bell. Edi Gathegi was amazing in X men, I was pissed he didn't get to shine as much as he should. I thought Doodlebug would be good fit for him

This group is a smaller group of regulars. These guys would be in most episode but never in the spotlight. No face would be an inmate Dr.Arkham feels he is helping the most but we would learn he was just a figure of his imagination. Doug Jones as billy from Hocus Pocus looked like him. But I did think Doug Jones could play this small role.

Ramsey Moore looks abd resembles Humpty. The man obsessed with breaking things a part and putting them back together.He plays a good creep in The Gamer and could do that as Humpty.

The Mortician is creepy and old. So is John Glover. I see him playing him like he did in Heroes but he actaully is a brillant actor.

These inmates would not be regulars but would appear through out the series. Maybe coming in and out or getting involved here and there in Falcone and Two-face's fight. Christopher Meloni would work as Victor Fries. He would not be looked as a bad man, Just a man who lost his way. Out of all the inmates he seems the most normal. He would be quite and a loner. Meloni is a great actor he just needs to shave his head. Jonnathan Crane has to be the in the Asylum. I think Zachary Quinto could play it but It would be very similar to Sylar from Heroes. Kevin Weisman looks just Like Calander man and he has that motionless face that could scare that crap out of you.

Special Guest:

I would like to see Edward Nigma but no Riddler. He would be a guest for one episode,using his new found and reformed detective skills to help with a Inmate like him. Cary Elwes is devilish and has the right charisma for Edward.

Jim Gordan would have small. He to is part of the Gotham council and checks on the Asylum as well. I cast most of these people that are amazing on T.V shows. Bryan Cranston is maybe the most gifted out of the group. He would nail Jim Gordan.

Batman may never been seen in the show. Bruce Wayne on the other hand would be nice for a couple episode. He would have donated money to the rebuild and want to check up on things. I think Thomas Jane could nail Bruce Wayne, sadly I think he can be a better Batman but we would never see it.

The reason for the Last Arkham being destroyed would be from the Jokers escape. I would hope would we would never see Joker, Maybe by the 5th season when ratings drop. lol. If he did it would be Robert Knepper. He is popular around here for many roles but he would work very well as dark demented Joker. This Joker would be older and very creepy but again I would really like to stay away from him.

I worked real hard on this so please be easy,thanks guys
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